How Master Tech Helped Keep the GOOD News the Only Buzz at Camp LIFE

How Master Tech Helped Keep the GOOD News the Only Buzz at Camp LIFE

The move to Camp LIFE was a promise of a new adventure and a workstyle that matched a lifestyle: free, open, and collaborative. Much like taking on the great outdoors with a group of friends where working together to build a fire, or conquer a trail, brings everyone closer.

What the LIFE crew wasn’t totally prepared for was the actual forces of nature and camping to immerse itself into our metaphorical campground.

Specifically, bees.

Yes, we had tons of buzzing bumblebees that had decided to set up camp at Camp LIFE the same time as us. One of us had to go, and we were the ones paying rent.

And that’s where Master Tech Pest Control entered our LIFE story, coming in on a moment’s notice to take care of the problem and ensure the only buzz coming from Camp LIFE was from the GOOD news spreading around town.

“Terry Peek and Master Tech have been incredible to work with so far,” Our GOOD News Driver, Chris Mahlmann told IIMM. “When you need them, they’re there for you, and they get the job done the right way. And that’s what good business is all about: professionalism, good communication, and quality work.”

And the vacating of the unwanted tenants could not have come at a better time at Camp LIFE as our first ever “Open House,” Biz in the Backyard, is just a week away and the party crashers were not invited.

Everyone else is, though, so come on over June 23 to check out our new, bee-free Camp LIFE.

And thank you to Master Tech for helping all of us at Camp LIFE get the GOOD news rolling without the worry of an unpleasant visit from some unwelcome guests.