How Robbinhurst is Eliminating the Phrase “Don’t Play as Much as I Would Like To” from Golfers’ Vocabulary

robbinhurst-golf-courseTell me if this sounds like you.

You love golf but have a 9-5 job. Any time anyone asks you if you want to hit the links you have difficulty finding the time during the week to set aside 3-5 hours to play; especially since you’re free time during the week usually falls after the sun goes down and golf no longer becomes an option.

It’s the conversation that happens way too often amongst fans of the game. You mention you love golf to someone and they ask you when the last time you played was.

The answer is always: “I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like to have this season?”

Every. Time.

It’s golf’s biggest problem; the “Golfer’s Dilemma” as they call it: time.

Well, consider that problem solved thanks to the smart thinking of the team over at Robbinhurst Golf Club in Valparaiso. Where $6 bucks will get you four holes of great golf you can get done on your lunch break, or $12 if a cart is more your style.

Either way, it’s a great way to save some time and some money and be that guy or girl that everyone looks up to when they answer the Golfer’s Dilemma of “when’s the last time you played?” with the golden answer of answers: “at least a few times a week.”

You, my friend, can be that person at Robbinhurst. You can be the envy of your workplace; the one who plays golf on the weekdays.

Kyle and I did it in under an hour and we spent 10 minutes per hole trying to find where he hit his drives. Trust us, it’s incredibly fun, simple, and awesome to take a break from the office at lunch and get outside in this beautiful weather we are having in Northwest Indiana and enjoy a day outdoors with friends.

For more information on how to become the hero of the casual golfer scene, check out Robbinhurst’s website for directions, rates, and anything else you need to know.