StoryPoint Chesterton: Senior Living Sparks Education and Passion

StoryPoint Chesterton: Senior Living Sparks Education and Passion

It’s surprising when people live somewhere their entire life and don’t seek everything it has to offer. It took a meeting President of StoryPoint Chesterton, Jeanette Anderson, help me truly realize the wide breadth of opportunity and support that Northwest Indiana offers.

StoryPoint Chesterton is a wonderful community tucked away, but still easily accessible from the road. The inside is beautiful and visitors are greeted immediately with kind faces. City Councilman Nathan Cobbs, CEO of the Duneland Dave Kasarda, and Associate Attorney at Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP, Courtney Smith, all convened to meet Jeanette, GreatNews.Life Founder, Chris Mahlmann, and I to discuss senior living within the community.

There was one thought at the forefront of my mind as I accompanied Chris: I was in for a learning experience that would change my viewpoints on Northwest Indiana.  

We were greeted by Business Development Specialist, Judy Kukelka, and I quickly realized that I was not the only one there to learn. Jeanette began to ask us questions about the community around us. Questions about our viewpoints on senior living in the area. It sparked conversations about community development and the outlook for Chesterton’s future.

I was enlightened with “The story of StoryPoint” and realized even further the impact that senior living has and how it can be the glue in many people’s lives. Nathan and Judy said that many people who interface with residents and are involved exist right here in the community. I found it refreshing to hear that employees at the YMCA travel to StoryPoint Chesterton to even play dominoes with StoryPoint residents. 

The theme of giving back in the community became very prevalent after Jeanette heard a bit about our viewpoints on senior living. StoryPoint Chesterton's role in the community became more clear than it already was. Jeanette expressed the idea that StoryPoint operates with no direct reports. This operating model sparks passion in the employees and in many ways, in me as well.

I found it refreshing to hear that management recently decided on less automation and digitization to increase face to face contact with residents.

Everyone involved played a different role in the community, but there was one thing everyone had in common--we were all working toward expanding and creating a better Northwest Indiana. It was refreshing to see that people from many different walks of life, backgrounds, and professions were passionate about senior living and pushing the community toward a positive and successful future. To learn more about the type of care at StoryPoint Chesterton, visit their website here