How to beat the heat this summer

How to beat the heat this summer

Summer of adventure and summer of fun. But how do we stay safe in the summer sun? These past few weeks have tested many of us and it's important to stay safe even when we are having a blast catching the waves, cooking out, or jamming at a concert.

Here are some tips from our team on how to stay fresh, hydrated, and healthy alllll summer long.

“Stick to thin clothing that is loose and airy to help you stay cool. Water is always a necessity, but try adding freshly chopped lemon, lime, cucumber, etc. to give your drink a boost that will keep you both cool and more energized since the sun can be tiring. Sunscreen is also a must; even if you’re only going to be outside for 30 minutes, sunscreen is a must. Although lotion sunscreen can be more protective long-term, I find a 30-50 SPF spray sunscreen to be a good option if it’s looking to be an especially warm day as the mist will not weigh down your skin as much. Don’t forget to reapply often!” - Peyton Mahlmann

“I personally struggle with enjoying outdoor activities when it is crazy hot outside. However, I don’t let it fully stop my summer fun! I am always sure to drink tons of water and have a pool or lake nearby in case I need to jump in and cool off. If this isn’t possible, you can find me in and out of air conditioning frequently.” -Julia 

“I use a drop of peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck. It cools the body down. I also will mix some peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water and spray that on myself when I start to get too hot. Of course, I watch out for the eyes!” - Beth

“Water water water. Being outside in the summer sun is the best, but it’s really important to stay hydrated with good old plain H20. Tip: Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. Before you head out into the summer sun, drink an 8-oz glass of water and take plenty of water with you for the day.” -Stacey

“Sunscreen and water! We often are outside with friends, food, and cocktails in the summer and forget the protection of sunscreen and the helpfulness of water. Apply sunscreen early and often and drink water ongoing through the day. Stay hydrated my friends!” -Jenny

“Everywhere I go, I take a bandana with me. Say I’m at a cookout, or a music festival-- I can always wet the bandana and tie it around my neck to cool off. Other than that--water and food. Having a full stomach while staying hydrated is important in the heat! ”-Mandy