How to Become the First Female Biggest Loser

By: Ryan McCormick Last Updated: November 19, 2010

"I was mesmerized," exclaimed Ali Vincent, the first woman to win the Biggest Loser in its fifth season.

Vincent was describing her first time watching the hit reality TV show, and it would cause her to be catapulted into a massive life transformation.

On November 18, 2010, Porter Healthy Woman hosted speaker and author, Ali Vincent, at Sand Creek Country Club to tell her story of how she became the first female "biggest loser." The journey began when, after Ali and her mother watched the season finale of the show, her mother took the initiative to find out where the next casting call would be and encouraged Ali to do it. She was disappointed to find out that the next season was only accepting couples. That's when they both got the idea to do it together.

"It wouldn't have been what it was without my mom," Vincent explained affectionately.

After her mother almost passed away because of a medical complication, they were selected to be casted on the show. No time was wasted as Ali and her mother were thrown on to workout machines and treadmills, and they both thought that they may not survive.

"I literally could only do one minute on the treadmill," explained Vincent. "One minute on and one minute off. The minute on seemed like the longest minute of my life and then the minute off seemed like the shortest minute of my life."

She went into depth about how mad and angry she was and wanted to quit. More than anything, she was angry with herself. Formerly a top athlete and nationally-ranked synchronized swimmer, Vincent was disappointed in herself that she had let her weight go from her early 20's to her early 30's and gained over 100 pounds.

Through the initial, difficult stages of the workouts on the show, something switched in Vincent though. She realized that she could be angry and upset at herself or since she was there, she might as well work at it.

"I was heavy not because of my weight," Vincent said, "but because people were going to judge me."

"But, I found out that the only person that was judging was me."

Vincent realized that she couldn't blame other people for her decisions in life but that she had to take responsibility. She began improving in her workouts and soon was up to two minutes on the treadmill and this motivated her even more.

She went on to win the show, but not after getting kicked off and being invited to come back. Even when she got kicked off, she still continued in her training convinced that being on the show was not just a fluke. When the show called Vincent about possibly being invited back, she told her mother, 'I really am going to be first on Biggest Loser.' 'I know, Bubba,' she responded.
After five and a half months of training and being on and off the show, Ali Vincent ended up losing 112 pounds. She went from 47% body fat to 11%. Even though admitting that she was only at the extraordinary weight of 122 pounds for a very short time, she has maintained a healthy lifestyle of eating right and getting exercise ever since then and has written a book about her experience called "Believe it! Be it!".

"I can do anything for a minute," Vincent simply put.

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