How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Elderly-CoupleDeciding to transition your loved one into an assisted living community can be a big change for that person, as well as the rest of the family. Oftentimes caring for the family member in need can be stressful. After all, this is a big change in your loved one’s life as well as your life.

While feeling the stress of care giving isn’t uncommon, ignoring it can lead to caregiver burnout and be detrimental to all involved. Whether you are sole caregiver to a loved one or supporting your loved one with the help of an assisted living facility, consider the following ways to prevent caregiver burnout.

Pitch In

If your loved one is fortunate enough to have the support of an assisted living staff, stress can be alleviated just by offering to lend a hand. Though the staff may do most of the work, it’s still possible to take care of smaller aspects of caring for your loved one. It could be as little as giving the caregiver a few minutes to tend to other residents or maybe doing some grocery shopping or laundry. It’s surprising how much stress can be alleviated for your loved one and for you by helping with the care giving.

Ensure the Caregiver Has All That is Needed

A lot of stress on a caregiver can be avoided by simply having what’s needed to take care of your loved one. While the assisted living staff may have the machines and medicine, make sure they also have anything else that may be needed to take care of your loved one. Whether that’s clothes, groceries, linens or any form of entertainment your loved one may be used to, having these things around will allow you to make your family member as comfortable as possible.

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Don’t be Afraid to Talk

Talking about stress is a great way to limit it and ensure you will not experience caregiver burnout. Don’t be afraid to talk to the staff at your loved one’s assisted living community and ask them if there’s anything that can be done to make your loved one more comfortable. If you are a caregiver of a loved one, there are support groups that provide a means to vent your stress.

Remember that having some stress while providing care to a loved one is a very common occurrence, but it’s important to ensure that stress doesn’t grow into something more and cause caregiver burnout.

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