I Love When Inspiring People Work Hard and Succeed

If one thing is true above all others at Ideas in Motion Media, it’s that we enjoy seeing how companies and leaders that innovate are always changing things up for the better, or at least working their tail off trying to.

Take for example the story of Pat Koch from the Holiday World & Splash Safari out of Santa Claus, Indiana. I had the privilege of seeing her speak a little more than a month ago at an event in Michigan City called the Inspiring Women Luncheon. There, Koch spoke of many of the same time tested and disruptive principles that so obviously are helping so many companies expand.

Well this morning I came across an announcement about the Holiday World & Splash Safari making a $6.5 million investment into improvements and upgrades for their park. It’s also interesting that they launch the news via YouTube, and the first one that I see pick up the story is Gerry Dick and Inside Indiana Business, one of my preferred new and innovatively disruptive media companies, as featured in picking up this video and news release.

At the conference back in September, Koch told the group, “In order to make a difference, you have to be the difference that you want to make. “You can’t just talk about it. You can’t just read it. You can’t just write it. You have to be it.”  

And she was it.

So, congratulations to Pat Koch and the team at Holiday World & Splash Safari. I love when inspiring people work hard to be the difference in their businesses and their lives.

Plus, they are getting a RhinoBlaster and we're always glad to be in the business of blast out some good news.