Ideas in Motion Media, Now Exclusively Powered by NITCO Fiber Access, Delivers High-Speed Internet Access to Good News in Downtown Valparaiso

poweredbyNitco800wideIdeas in Motion Media has teamed up with the Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company (NITCO) to give the online media company and all the good people visiting their office and studio a blazing high-speed internet option.

Ideas in Motion Media, publishers of online communities,, and, is powered by NITCO’s high speed Fiber Access internet, getting good news out into the world at nearly twice the speed of its previous business-class internet provider.

“The good news is definitely coming in and getting out faster,” Chris Mahlmann, Ideas in Motion Media owner said happily. “We’ve been so pleased since the company transferred to NITCO’s Fiber Access internet. For a business that is connected as we are, it’s been great that our downloads, uploads, and overall communication have improved so much.”

Ideas in Motion Media transfers a sizable amount a data each month between its website and social media networks with articles, videos and photos for their four online communities. This partnership allows the staff to get their good news in, posted, and published faster thanks to NITCO’s Fiber Access.

Tom Long, NITCO Chief Operating Officer, believes "ValpoLife has been supportive to our NITCO family by promoting our community involvement. They’ve played an instrumental role in spreading our good news. You know positivity is contagious! I believe that’s part of the reason why our partnership has been so successful."

The partnership also provides an opportunity for visitors of Ideas in Motion Media to access an additional high-speed WIFI connection, “Life Powered by NITCO” during studio visits, interviews, and the company’s social media and online boot camp training sessions. NITCO also currently provides free, high-speed WIFI in the city’s popular Porter Health Amphitheater and Central Park Plaza.

NITCO's high speed broadband & telephone services have stood the test of time. We've been happily connecting you since 1952; servicing all of Northwest Indiana. Diversity is a necessity in this changing market and NITCO has been on the virtual edge of reality when it comes to positioning itself in the region. As NITCO continues to keep pace with the trends toward deregulation of the local service market it has entered into the Internet Access providers market. In a very short period of time NITCO has made itself a front runner in Northwest Indiana and is considered by many to be the preferred provider in the region.

About Ideas in Motion Media
Started in Northwest Indiana, Ideas in Motion Media Inc. creates hyper-local, positive news-minded, community-based networks. They look to bring these networks to every city, township, county, or region that wants a vibrant alternative to the traditional cycle of negative news in media. Utilizing a real-time news mentality, web publishing tools, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, as well as a strong, mission-based editorial and publishing management, IIMM is able to create a positive impact with communication of good articles, editorials, photos, videos, events, and stories related to each community. IIMM develops networks of engaged, active, online, positive-minded people and organizations in each community they serve.