Ideas in Motion Media’s Social Media Boot Camp: Building Knowledge and Relationships

Ideas in Motion Media’s Social Media Boot Camp: Building Knowledge and Relationships
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: July 28, 2016

Whether you’re a Northwest Indiana business, organization or not-for-profit, marketing online and through social media isn’t always easy. Nearly everyone has spent time browsing the web or scrolling through Facebook, but taking the next step to utilize the invaluable tools that social media can provide your business or organization is the key.

At this point, social media has become a requirement, not an option or a fad. If you’re not using social media to market and promote your company then you’re missing out on some of the easiest, most cost effective advertising available.

To help companies and community organizations get the most out of their online marketing, or learn what they can be doing to build a greater social media presence, Ideas in Motion Media began hosting ‘Social Media Boot Camp’ at their brand new studio in Valparaiso.

The newly designed LIFE Network Studio is the perfect environment for you and your marketing team to get comfortable and learn the in’s and out’s and the do’s and don’t’s of successfully using social media to build your audience and create buzz around whatever you’re trying to promote.

LIFE Network Publisher, Chris Mahlmann, provides a non-typical, in-depth presentation that gives an interactive look at the who, what, when, where and how of social media marketing and promotion. While Chris is the Good News Driver, you, the Social Media Boot Camp-er, tell him where you would like to go and what you would like to better understand. He’s there to answer any questions you might have about the online, social media world.

As you work to utilize new social media tools and try new things, Chris’ team of LIFERS at Ideas in Motion Media will be there at every turn to help guide you through this new terrain. At IIMM, partners come first and every member of the team is constantly looking for ways to help beyond publishing content and promotions.

Getting to know each other and bringing partners together is another great aspect of IIMM’s Social Media Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is a tremendous way to network with other Region professionals and has led to building relationships and great, lasting partnerships.

You know who’s online and how important it is to be involved and active on social media. Now go make it happen!

IIMM’s Social Media Boot Camp is free and open to their partners, and is scheduled and presented on their behalf.

To reach Ideas in Motion Media about upcoming events and scheduling a Social Media Boot Camp, contact Megan Rigg at 219-707-5023, or at