If Valpo Could Give One Thousand Dollars To One Nonprofit It Would Be…

If Valpo Could Give One Thousand Dollars To One Nonprofit It Would Be…

Thursday night, we asked Valparaiso residents on our ValpoLife Facebook page what nonprofit in the area they would give to if they suddenly had a thousand dollars to donate as they wished. Something must have been in the air on Thursday evening, because the response from our audience was astounding. Within an hour the comments started piling up, and within a few short hours, they were coming in a mile a minute with suggestions for charitable organizations, topping out at 287 comments by early Friday morning with almost 15 thousand views.

When threads like this get a lot of attention, we like to shine a light on them and really emphasize the giving spirit that makes our community so great. Plus, it allows us to give a little attention to those working to uplift those in our community.

Animal Shelters and Charities
“Lakeshore Paws!” said Jami Heying, recommending one of the most popular choices of the night. “I volunteer at a shelter and they have pulled several of the dogs into their rescue. I am so grateful for the wonderful work that they do!”

“Feline Community Network!!! They really go above and beyond making their adoption center feel like home. Michelle deserves it more than ever!” said Rachel Berglund.

“Giant Paw Prints Rescue. They go above and beyond for each and every dog they take in. They take in animals that otherwise would not have a chance at a family. I cannot possibly say enough good things about them and the love they have for every animal they take in,” said Mandie Burge of the shelter, which may have been the most suggested nonprofit in the thread; or at least in the top three.

“Humane Indiana Wildlife!” exclaimed Stephanie Whitbeck Kadletz

“Emma’s Footprints. This amazing charity provides NICU care packages to families during their hospital stay as well as bereavement packages for grieving families,” said Margaret Obermeyer.

Shayna Ebert Suggested Our Greater Good, an organization that offers mentoring opportunity for kids as well as providing them and their families with the skills to succeed in life.

“South Haven Head Start, the staff & teachers there are absolutely amazing & it’s not just a job to them. They love the children and build a relationship with them and the families,” said Jennifer Nicole Quillen.

“United Way of Porter County. Just imagine how many more 1st & 2nd graders could be improving their reading skills with Reading Buddies!” exclaimed Dawn Thostesen.

Kacie Ensign echoed many by suggesting OE, “Opportunity Enterprises. That could provide 1 1/2 months of daily services for an adult with a disability. Amazing things could happen!!!!”

“Indiana Fallen Heros or Folds of Honor!” said Mike Overlay, suggesting a veterans organization for his potential donation.

“Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana,” suggested Amy Blaker. Meals on Wheels is a vital service for many who need assistance getting their food in the community.

“Compass International Family Center,” said Ana Fuentes, suggesting the organization which helps to integrate immigrants into the community and provide support for them.

“500 Turkeys - Gobble Gobble,” said Jeni Bolton, suggesting the group which feeds families in need on Thanksgiving.

“Respite House, we are a halfway house located in Valparaiso for men battling addiction,” said Lita Peters.

Alicia Graves suggested a commonly named charity, Habitat for humanity, for her donation.

Hopefully all of these groups and more can feel the outpouring of love and support the Valparaiso community has for them! Though hypothetical, perhaps this will inspire giving from a few more people and provide a cornucopia of potential recipients for those looking for the right nonprofit to give to.