Immanuel Lutheran School is Offering Open Enrollment for a Limited Time

group-shot-awardsImmanuel Lutheran School in Valparaiso has open enrollment available for a limited time. This means that families have another option when looking for a great school for their children.

"When our member families have enrolled their children and there are open spots left, those who are not members of Immanuel Lutheran Church have the opportunity to send their children to the school," Principal Josh Bachman said. "We welcome all kids into our classrooms so we're excited to make this opportunity available."

Immanuel Lutheran is under the ownership of Immanuel Lutheran Church and it is accredited by the State of Indiana Board of Education and the National Lutheran School Accreditation. Children from all over the region come to learn at Immanuel Lutheran, and they have found it to be a very fun and beneficial educational experience.

"It's a Christ-centered education and most people don't know what that means," Bachman said. "Essentially it means that we have a set of values that shape the decisions that we make from curriculum to classroom lessons to discipline. Valpo appreciates Christian values and it's great merging of academics and spiritually."

kids-jumping"Our students have always had high scores on state tests and they go on to do very well in high school," Bachman said. "We make sure to provide them with enriching curriculum so that they can learn learn and have fun while doing it."

Open enrollment just began after spring break and it will typically last until the beginning of the following new school year. That may seem like a lot of time but you shouldn't wait. Currently, there is a waiting list for the kindergarten and 4th grade, so if you want your child enrolled then you should act now.

"We like to keep our classes at no more than 25 students each," Bachman said. "That way it won't get over crowded and each student will get the time and attention that they need with their teacher."

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To find out more information about enrolling your child at Immanuel Lutheran School call Kristen Kearney at 219-462-8207 ext. 249.