In Time of Need, FirstLight HomeCare’s Lacresha Clark Was There

In Time of Need, FirstLight HomeCare’s Lacresha Clark Was There
By: Contributor Last Updated: August 2, 2016

When someone passes when we are not with them, our wish is that whoever was there with them helped them go in comfort, dignity, and peace.

Lacresha Clark of FirstLight HomeCare had no relation to a client she was caretaking when he passed one evening while she was working third shift, but she knew what had to be done. Clark stayed well past her shift, which was designated to end at 7:00 a.m., to ensure the client’s wife was cared for, and contacted friends, family, and hospice to help aid in the bereavement process.

None of these duties are in Clark’s job description, yet they were all something she had to do because she truly cares about the clients she helps and the mission of FirstLight.

“I love this company because they are honest and they really care about the people they take care of,” Clark told IIMM.

FirstLight recently awarded Clark with a gift card as a thank you for her efforts, but also as a symbol that the work she does and the care she puts into her job do not go unnoticed.

And Clark says it feels good to know that a company truly cares and notices the hard work their employees do.

“It is amazing to work for someone that rewards you for your hard work.”

The true reward, though, says Danielle Walker of FirstLight, is the feeling of comfort knowing that someone like Clark truly cares for the clients she helps and is willing to do whatever she can to make their life a little easier.

“We look for caregivers that truly care and that is her, 100%.”