Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille Weekly Special, The “Midnight Run” Chicken Sandwich: April 17th – 23rd

IR-Special-Midnight-Run-Chicken-Sandwich"Midnight Run" Chicken Sandwich - $11.95
Fresh, juicy chicken breast topped with smoked mozzarella cheese, genoa salami, roma tomatoes, red onion, and fresh basil finished with balsamic glaze and pesto mayo. Served on a Ciabatta bun with your choice of garlic wedges or sweet potato fries.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was an artisan, master goldsmith, silversmith, engraver, dentist, politician, lieutenant colonel, and community serviceman.

When he was 19, his father died, leaving him to take over his business and support his mother and siblings. Soon after, Revere married Sarah Orne in 1757, with whom he had eight children. Not long after her unexpected death in 1773, Revere married Rachel Walker, with whom he had another eight children.

Revere took part in the Boston Tea Party and became an American folk hero as a result of his historic midnight horse ride to Lexington on April 18, 1775 to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock of the British coming to arrest them. The battle of Lexington ensued, and with it, the American Revolution.

Revere became concerned that the United States had to depend only on England to import copper. This concern resulted in him starting the first copper rolling mill in North America in 1801 as well as a hardware store and foundry. He became very respected for his work and charitable contributions.

We salute Revere for the lifetime contributions on the 240th anniversary of his historic ride!