Industrial Revolution Goes Back To Prohibition For New Drink Menu

Industrial Revolution Goes Back To Prohibition For New Drink Menu
By: Contributor Last Updated: March 15, 2018

If you were to pass by Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso on Tuesday night you might have been treated to the sight of flapper girls and mobster men making their way inside. But this wasn’t just a simple costume party, instead Industrial Revolution was unveiling a new drink menu based around pre and prohibition era beverages.

The drinks, which ranged from the classic Manhattan to the more adventurous Whiskey Smash, were all based on the era as well as the people who lived through it.

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“One of the cool things is that every drink on our menu has a backstory printed on the menu that tells why it was popular and who might of popularized the drinks,” saids General Manager Ronnie Sazone, “Most of the drinks have been named after people from the era, there is one named after Al Capone and another after Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

The inspiration for the event came from the theme of the restaurant itself, hard work and industry.

“The entire restaurant is based around early 1900’s aesthetic so a menu based around pre and prohibition fit us perfectly,” stated Industrial Revolution owner, Jennifer Leeson.

Sazone added, “A lot of the drinks of the time were really strong and were made by mixing a bunch of different drinks together which made them very unique and fit into the time period we're trying to capture here.”

Going on its eighth year of business, Industrial Revolution is no stranger to unique events. For Leeson, the restaurant's charm isn't lost even after years of operation.

“The guest that come in and gets inspired is what makes it special to me,” said Leeson. “They get out of their car and see the eleven men on the top of the building or an ironworker comes in and notices our door handles are torches used for welding steel and it just makes them feel something.”

Certainly some of the patrons at the unveiling were inspired, taking the opportunity to wear their best 1920's themed outfits. One such patron was Kevin Brown of North Judson who was there to check out the new drinks.

“We just heard about the new menu and decided we wanted to come try everything out,” said Brown who is a regular at Industrial Revolution. “I frequent this place often. I like how they operate and the food is really good.”

For those looking to try out the new drink menu, Leeson recommends the Cucumber Gimlet. If that isn’t your style there remains a lot of options to chose from and a lot personality to see at Industrial Revolution.