Industrial Revolution Invites the Life Crew Out to Sample 3 Yuengling Brews on Tap

Industrial Revolution Invites the Life Crew Out to Sample 3 Yuengling Brews on Tap
By: Anthony Cleveland Last Updated: March 6, 2017

Looking for a place to satisfy your beer connoisseur buddies and your foodie friends at the same time? Industrial Revolution has you covered. They always have creative menu items and the tastiest, latest brews on tap. 

Today, March 6th, was no exception. Industrial Revolution proudly launched one of the most anticipated beer brands for Indiana --- Yuengling. 

To celebrate and help get the word out, Industrial Revolution invited the Life Crew to taste the three Yuengling Brews on tap. 

The three available brews are Light, Lager, and Black & Tan. 

"It's Yuengling launch day for all bars and restaurants in Indiana. Most places are getting one Yuengling tap, but we made sure we cleared room and had all 3 ready to serve at Industrial Revolution," said Industrial Manager, Ken Churchill

After much anticipation, the beer was served to the Life Crew, and much praise for the beer followed: 

"I've been long anticipating Yuengling in Indiana since I first tried it many years ago! Before this tasting, I have only had the Lager, but thanks to Industrial Revolution, I had the chance to try the Black & Tan, and it was delicious! I could taste the hint of caramel and coffee, which complimented the traditional Yuengling taste well. Excited to be able to permanently enjoy in Indiana!" said Megan Rigg.

"Yuengling's signature lager was smooth, crisp, and refreshing! The Black & Tan was awesome and featured a nice blend of Yuengling's Porter and Lager," said Robert Tovar. 

"I picked up a Yuengling "Black and Tan" neon bar sign awhile back, but I was never able to try the beer to see what it's like. It feels awesome to be able to taste a beer I always wondered about," Anthony Cleveland continued. "I do like it. There's a lot of smooth caramel and malt to it, but I gotta give it to the Light Lager. It's a smooth dry beer that is very drinkable." 

The beer is chilled and the taps are ready to be pulled. Stop into Industrial at 1084 Linwood Ave. and try all three beers today!