Industrial Revolution Presents Adam Erb: A Musician, History Buff and Nutrition Enthusiast

Industrial Revolution Presents Adam Erb: A Musician, History Buff and Nutrition Enthusiast
By: Colleen Hannon Last Updated: July 18, 2016

Adam Erb has been working as a server at Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso for over 3 years now. He reigns from a farm in Boone Grove and graduated from Boone Grove High School.

He graduated from Purdue West Lafayette with a degree in Nutrition, Fitness and Health. His dad is a pharmacist, so he has always been interested in medicine and health. However, he originally went to Ball State for Music Education for a couple of years.

He plays the trumpet and can sing. He wanted to become a band teacher so he dabbled in quite a few instruments along the way including saxophone, piano, and even the flute even though he says he was terrible at it.

“I couldn’t make a sound come out of it! I don’t understand.” he laughed. “I’m going to be in trouble if I have to teach other people how to play the flute.”

Erb says he comes from a very musical family. “My dad, my brother, my sister all play the trumpet. My mom is fantastic with the piano. So, there’s a lot of family jam outs. My dad likes to joke that we need to be like the Von Trapps and go on the road.”

He still loves music though and can often be found writing music and playing guitar. He also enjoys playing tennis, reading and hanging out with his friends, including ones from work.

“We kind of have a family dynamic going on here you know, like since we all work similar hours and everything, we spend a lot of time together. We have movie night once a week, we started a bowling night.” said Erb.

Erb has plans of moving out to the West Coast in the future. He has friends living out there in California that work in the music industry that he would like to get involved with. He also wants to get registered as a Dietitian once he’s out there. He’d like a chance to be able to dabble in both music and nutrition at the same time.

“Plus, I’ve had my twenty-nine winters. I’ve had my fill!” Erb joked.

He really enjoys being a server, especially at Industrial Revolution. He says really likes the social aspect of the job and how fast paced it is. “I’m a really social person. I enjoy talking to people. I like the fast pace of it. You know, I don’t really like jobs where I’m standing around a lot. I like to be active.

Erb prefers to work for a family business like Industrial Revolution over a corporate place, because of the family dynamic. “I love the staff. I like the management. I love the owners, sitting over there right now. I like the fact that I can talk to them about stuff. They’re very hands on with everything.”

He got the job at Industrial Revolution through a couple of friends. “I’m a little bit of a history buff so, I kind of liked the theme.”

Erb has always been interested in American history. “When I switched out of music I considered going into history education for a little while,” he said.

“[I’m a] big Abraham Lincoln fan,” he said. “He was somebody that kind of came from nothing. He was a self made man.

Erb couldn’t help but smile the entire time as he talked about his life and his job. He has a very obviously love for life.

Adam Erb is just one of the many passionate and energetic servers that Industrial Revolution has to offer. You can stop in any day of the week to experience all the fun and rich history that the restaurant holds. The doors open at 11:00 am.