Industrial Revolution Presents Lisa Finney: Kitchen Innovator

Industrial Revolution Presents Lisa Finney: Kitchen Innovator

Industrial Revolution is already known for its hearty American burgers and iconic decor. It is time to put the spotlight on a member of its unique staff. Cook Lisa Finney has been at Industrial Revolution for six years.

The first audience Lisa ever cooked for was her family. Dessert baking is her favorite, but dinner holds a special place in her heart. She loves making a meal that brings people together.

Growing up, her family made a lot of things from scratch. It taught her about the process behind dishes. It also gave her a respect for fresh ingredients and a taste for creative concoctions.

“Everyone has their own flair to food. Everyone has their own way of doing it, putting things together. It’s good to share different cultures and food is one of them," she explained. "It’s something you can talk over. It’s dinner! You sit down, eat, have conversations.”

Lisa is still finding her niche. In the meantime, she likes to experience the culinary innovations of others.

“It’s nice to be able to travel and try all the other produce that is out there and how they become meals. Other countries have things America doesn’t have. Variety is important,” said Finney.

Her job at Industrial Revolution let’s her do a little bit of her own experimentation. Every week, the kitchen invents a sandwich for their specials board. Some of them are variations of classics, like the Pulled Pork Warrior Burger. Others, like the Donut Bacon Burger, are a bit more more inventive.

“Burgers are our main thing,” says Lisa, about the way her restaurant represents American food culture. “America doesn’t really have its own thing, but we put our spin on it. Even if we have a nacho, you may think Mexican but we put our own flair to it. What is America made of? It’s a bunch of countries put together.”

The restaurant itself is a symbol of creativity and innovation.

“It’s a very artistic place, and an exciting one to come to," said Finney. "It’s a job, but I go back there and have fun. We don’t have to be serious all the time. We do what we’ve got to do and have fun doing it.”

Lisa loves her job and the people she works for. She does not intend to leave the team she has come to think of as family anytime soon.

Someday, though, she would like to work at Disney World in Florida. The EPCOT Center features cuisine from all over the world. She could learn about other countries, new cooking techniques, and experience a planet’s worth of culture all in one job.

Lisa’s family has been vacationing at Disney World since she was a child. Their high standards for customer service are another trait that draws her to them.

It’s a trait that Industrial Revolution is well preparing her for.

“They work really hard at customer service here; we work hard. That’s number one around here: customer satisfaction," explains Finney. “It’s a great place to bring your family. It brings people to the area- we’ve had people travel here from other places. It’s a unique theme. The owner came up with a great idea.”

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