Industrial Revolution Salute and Special, John J. Pershing

By: Industrial Revolution Last Updated: June 9, 2017

Industrial-Revolution-John-J-PershingThis week, help us salute John J. Pershing (1860-1948)
John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing had accomplished the near impossible, whipping an ill-prepared American military into an effective, disciplined, 2 million member fighting machine in World War 1 and then leading it to victory as its field commander. Pershing holds the first US officer service number (0-1) and is the only person in his lifetime to be promoted to the highest rank ever held in the United States Army - General of the Armies. During World War II he was regarded as mentor by the generation of American generals who led the United States Army in Europe. We salute Pershing for imposing Greatness on to our military and making our nation stronger…

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