Industrial Revolution: Step Back in Time for a Delicious Modern Meal

Have you ever been to Industrial Revolution? It’s the restaurant of Highway 30 just west Valparaiso University. You know the one I’m talking about: it’s the building that looks like it’s under construction; there are life-like statues of construction workers sitting in a row on top of the building (those were created by the talented Sergio Furnari -a sculptor from New York- especially for the restaurant); and the parking lot is pretty much packed all of the time.

This is a pretty good indication of how good the place is. Of course, seeing (or reading in this case) isn’t always believing. You might just have to find out for yourself. Let me give you an idea of what you’re in for when you dine at Industrial Revolution.

Walking into the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the 1900s style decor. Brick walls boast numerous black and white photos of that time period and the ceiling looks like the innards of a construction project. There’s even a train track that hangs from the rafters. The track runs the perimeter of the establishment and a train runs every 20 minutes. It’s all in the details, folks.

"This year we altered our menu based on what our customers wanted.  Ever since we have become consistent and get really good guest feedback," the owner's wife, Jennifer Sue Leeson, said. "We Love what the Restaurant stands for and really enjoy being the Destination spot for people to come to from all over the country.  There is nothing better than seeing a Happy, Glowing, customer who is uplifted after their visit to Industrial Revolution."

There is always something new to try. The chefs in the kitchen are always experimenting with new dishes and flavors. Each meal is made to order and can be specially made for those with dietary needs. Everything is made in house including their pot roast (yum!!), pulled pork, pizza dough, soups, and the list goes on!

I headed back into the kitchen and spoke with Larry Petties, one of the Engineers of Flavor.  Petties told me what all goes into making a memorable experience at Industrial Revolution.

“I’d say we put a lot of time in what we do,” said Petties. “What we really put a lot of effort into is the pot roast. We let that slow-cook for eight hours. We hand-patty all of our burgers, our pulled-pork is smoked for six to seven hours, we make our pizza dough from scratch. Everything is homemade, and about 98% of the menu is our own recipes.”

Now I’m hungry...Are you? Go and have a good time at the Industrial Revolution and tell them ValpoLife sent you!

On Saturday October 6, Industrial Revolution will host a challenge to benefit Woodforest Charitable Foundation & the Food Banks of Greater NWI at 3pm. Contestants will attempt to eat a five pound burger made with four sixteen-ounce patties a pound of their famous pot roast AND a side of garlic wedges in one hour. Holy cow (no pun intended)!

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