Industrial Revolution Weekly Special: The “Goodyear” Chicken Giardiniera Cibatta

Goodyear-Chicken-Giardiniera-CiabattaWeekly Special: November 29th -December 5th

The "Goodyear" Chicken Giardiniera Ciabatta

Fresh, tenderized chicken breast, breaded in a spicy flour and pan seared in olive oil, topped with giardiniera, fresh parmesan, and house made giardiniera mayo served on a ciabatta bun with sweet potato fries or garlic potato wedges.

Warmed-Cherry-TurnoverWarmed Cherry Turnover

Housemade in a flaky puffed pastry topped with fresh whipped cream.

Charles Goodyear

Natural rubber as it was known at the time was of limited usefulness to its industry due to the rubber product melting in hot weather or cracking in the cold. This rubber would also adhere to almost anything that it wasn't supposed to. Charles-Goodyear

Charles worked for five years trying to improve this product until a day in 1839, during an experiment dropped some rubber and sulfur into a hot stove. The "vulcanization" of rubber was born rendering it considerably more stable than the current product and he spent the next few years perfecting this process.

In 1844 he received U.S. patent number 3633 for his process to vulcanize rubber creating new uses for the rubber industry including eventually, automobile tires. In 1976 (132 years after his patent) Goodyear was selected for induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.