Industrial Revolution’s Pot Roast Mac & Cheese is a long-standing customer favorite

Industrial Revolution’s Pot Roast Mac & Cheese is a long-standing customer favorite

Since they opened, Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille’s Pot Roast Mac & Cheese has been a hit with customers. As the name suggests, the dish is a combination of the classic comfort foods pot roast and mac and cheese, which, together, create a new flavor experience that makes it one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

“It’s easily one of the top five items and has been for years and years,” said General Manager Ronnie Sazone. “We have regulars who come in specifically for the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese. They order it a certain way, and we already know who it is. There’s a guy from Missouri who does construction and comes up here for certain jobs, and he stops by whenever he’s around.”

Tripadvisor user AndreaZ85 wrote a positive review for the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese after her experience dining at Industrial Revolution.

“This was only my second time visiting, and I got the Pot Roast Mac &Cheese, which was AMAZING,” AndreaZ85 said. “It was made with cheddar cheese, pot roast, and blue cheese sprinkles on top. Absolutely love this place and wish I lived in the area so I could eat here more often!”

The dish is made with bow tie pasta, restaurant-made cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and, of course, their famous pot roast. For added flavor, green onions and blue cheese crumbles are sprinkled on top. After finishing off the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese, you can also use the side of garlic toast to get that last bit of cheesy goodness.

The creamy cheddar, hearty pot roast, and undertones of blue cheese make for a rich, savory entree that leaves people full and content. The original pot roast recipe and restaurant-made cheddar cheese make this entree unique and delicious.

“The pot roast recipe we use comes from the owner’s mom,” Sazone said. “We cook the pot roast for 16 hours overnight. The cheddar cheese for the dish we actually make from scratch. We add caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles. We mix the cheese, pot roast, and onion together. All these things are sauteed together for about 5-10 minutes, and we add the blue cheese crumbles and kind of let that melt on top to give it a brownish coating. And, of course, you can’t have pasta without garlic toast. Some people make two meals out of the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese because it’s so filling. It’s a well-priced entree, and you definitely won’t leave hungry after eating it.”

Sazone believes that the original pot roast recipe makes this Revolutionary Original such a success.

“The pot roast is one of the original items that has never changed since the restaurant opened,” Sazone said. “Every variation of pot roast we have on the menu is actually a staple item. The key thing is that as long as the pot roast is good, you can mix it with pretty much anything, and it will taste good. We can put it on a burger, in mac and cheese, and on a sandwich. I think pot roast is one of those family entrees that has been around forever, and it’s really worked out for us. I don’t know too many places that have this many variations of pot roast on the menu, so I think that is something that makes us special.”

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