Informing the Parents of Our Community

Valparaiso High School held their Transition Fair on Thursday night. This event was designed to help parents of special needs children of all ages living in Porter County.

Our goal is to inform parents about the options that are out there to help their kids and to help with planning their futures,” said Tina Morales, a Special Education teacher from Valpo.

With forty-three agencies in attendance, there were plenty of opportunities to help inform these families. The list of attendees included such organizations as Opportunity Enterprises, The Porter County Career and Technical Center, The Special Olympics, and Ivy Tech. Those were only a few that were there; the list goes on.

Keep in mind, the Transition fair was not for any one age group.

This event is for parents with special need kids ranging from birth to adulthood,” said Morales.

Not only were the vast array of agencies there to help the families learn, but there was also a great deal of volunteers working the event. The volunteers ranged from the Special Ed. teachers, such as Tina Morales, to a group of teenagers helping with childcare.

The Transition Fair was full of smiling faces and informative people. It was apparent that all of the volunteers and agencies were very happy to help.

If anyone interested missed the event, contact your Special Education teacher about us,” said Morales.

View more photos from the evening here