Inspiration from Hollywood Design

By: Contribute Last Updated: October 8, 2009

I have been stumped by what to do with a green velvet chair- one straight out of the 70's. I want to incorporate the lounger in my living room scheme without it looking too mis-matched while somehow taking this vintage piece and making it flow with modern elements. Sounds easy, right?

So what's a girl with a design question to do? There's only so much HGTV you can take on the subject!  It's easy to get sucked into design shows from the very beginning simply because you want to see the end result.  Very seldom does the coincidence come along that an element from an HGTV show matches closely with an element true to your own life, even if you watch show after show to find one! Then, when you do find a design similarity, it always seems that HGTV always has more financial means to pour into it than you do. 

HGTV has a-whole-nother resource however for just this situation- a website.  After searching for design ideas and coming up with nothing even on their extensive web page, I turned to google.  My only results featured photos of rooms literally straight out of the 70's.  Sure over the process I've been able to rule out what not to do, but I still feel uncertainty about what to do.  Right down to the very basic yet most important segment- what color to paint the walls!

Alas, just when I thought that everyone had left their green velvet furniature high and dry at the curbside back in 1999, I spotted something!  I was trying to take my mind off of it and relax with an on demand comedy when it slapped me in the face.  Thank you Ghost Town!

There it was! In Tea Leoni's movie-set living room was the room color pallet I was looking for!  Leave it up to Hollywood circa 2008 to come up with a design that incorporates a green velvet piece of furniture with archaeological elements that scream pottery-barn.  And the walls? A color I would not have thought of otherwise. Thank you Hollywood, for helping me to design our living room.