Intuitive Enhancement and Activation Workshop lights the way to self improvement

Intuitive Enhancement and Activation Workshop lights the way to self improvement

To help others tap into their intuition as a means to create their best lives, Peak Performance Coach, Hypnosis Instructor, and Healer Randi Light hosted an Intuitive Enhancement and Activation Workshop on Saturday, March 25.

Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023

Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023 88 Photos
Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy E&A Workshop 2023

“I do all kinds of different workshops, but I know many people are wanting to tap into their intuition,” Light said. “Everybody has that as a gift, though sometimes people don't trust. What's interesting to note is that top people on the planet and CEOs use their intuition. I think of it as our inner genius. There are many different ways for people to know they're being guided. This class was to help you understand how you receive impressions so that you can trust your intuition more and utilize your inner genius for your highest good and apply it in the world.”

Various activities were held throughout the workshop to help achieve these goals. Gathered in a circle at ONE Yoga Studio in Valparaiso, the group shared how they hoped the tools they gained in the workshop would help connect with their higher selves, guides and intuition. Guided visualization exercises helped them determine how they would access these tools, as well as the best way each could put them to use. One practice exercise had participants partner up to guess what color their partner was focusing on.  A crucial component of the event was the hypnosis session because in the relaxed and focused brain wave state of hypnosis, you are more open and receptive to asking questions, receiving answers and trusting your impressions.  

Through classes such as these, Light assists you in becoming the very best version of yourself, including letting go of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, while reducing stress and building deep levels of confidence.  Hypnotherapy is used in all Light's events because it's the fastest and most effective way to change and heal emotionally and physically to help make that happen. Light, a hypnotist herself and founder of Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy, has hypnotized thousands of children and adults over the past 17 years.  Light stated that her Essential 4 Success system establishes a 90% success rate in overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression, insomnia, and chronic pain.  It's because of this, Light opened her school seven years ago.  You can become an Essential 4 Certified Hypnotherapist right here in Northwest Indiana.

“If there's anything you want to resolve from your past, to create an upgrade in yourself, to become a better version of yourself, to let go of things that no longer serve you, including resentment, anger, and guilt I would recommend hypnosis,” Light said. “So many people are dealing with anxiety and depression and insomnia, and hypnosis is great for overcoming those."

This course in particular served as an introduction for other courses to follow should people wish to continue with the process. While a group session is a great way to get everyone accustomed to the craft, Light noted it’s just the tip of the iceberg as to how much can be accomplished in individual, one-on-one sessions.

“I have this four session system that I use to help people. You get a taste of it here, but it's in a group, I can't tailor a group session for individuals. I can help influence, even get results but to truly get resolution private sessions are the way,” Light said. “They may notice results that night or the next day, not necessarily during. They know they're relaxed during, and so then they're like, ‘Oh, there is something to the power of their mind. There is something to this,’ and then they may want to do more, because, in my version of the world, everybody could utilize hypnosis combined with coaching, right?”

No matter the type of session, Light’s goal has always been to help others heal and transform. Through attending these workshops, she hopes people will leave with a sense of newfound confidence and perspective, making them ready to tackle whatever life may bring their way.

"What I want them to take away is a feeling of empowerment and self-love," Light said. “I want them to believe in themselves, and feel a deeper connection to something greater than themselves. I want to assist everyone who works with me in private or group to become the very best version of themselves.”   

Many who attended the course left feeling those sentiments as well.

“I'm going to use some of the things that she taught us when I do hypnosis, and I'm going to try and do my three affirmations that she just made us write down,” said attendee Gail Mooney. “I like what she said about intuition. I haven't trusted my gut enough and I think I will after this session.”

Marci Palmer, a friend of Mooney’s, has been attending events at ONE Yoga Studio since it opened five years prior. This was her first time; however, attending one of Lights’ events, and noted she found it extremely beneficial to help her focus on her intuition.

“I always try to participate in different activities and I've never done this one before. I let my friend Gail know who likes to do kind of interesting techniques, and here we are,” she said. “I’m also going to focus more on my affirmations and pay more attention to my intuition.”

Unlike Palmer, this was attendee Amy Messacar’s second time visiting a workshop hosted by Light, who knew right away that this experience would just be as meaningful and impactful as the last.

“She has such a phenomenal way of connecting everybody in the group. The way she can guide you through hypnosis is just phenomenal,” she said. “This is the second workshop I've gone to and it’s been perfect.”

In addition to leading workshops and classes, Light is also the owner of Enlightened Hypnosis Academy, a school changing lives and creating career paths for future hypnotists. To learn more about the Academy, as well as courses such as the Intuitive Enhancement and Activation Workshop, visit the website here or call (219) 929-8726.