It’s a Dinner and a Show at Kelsey’s Steakhouse Every Wednesday

It’s a Dinner and a Show at Kelsey’s Steakhouse Every Wednesday
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: May 24, 2017

They pick up their instrument and we pick up our fork. They open their mouths to sing and we open to take a bite. They provide the entertainment and we provide the applause. This is every Wednesday night at Kelsey’s Steakhouse, where live music and good food go hand in hand.

Tonight at Kelsey’s Steakhouse located at 2300 Morthland Dr in Valpo, the live musical performance will be performed by Angelo Cicco. As this week’s live music entertainer, he is just one of many local, talented musicians welcomed and enjoyed by the staff and diners of the steakhouse.

Each Wednesday starting at 6:30 p.m and lasting till 8:30 p.m., a live performer(s) plays for the restaurant patrons. Their acoustic tunes float throughout the rooms synching up with the clinging of forks to plates, as Kelsey’s Steakhouse’ gourmet, delicious food is brought to each guest.

Enjoy an appetizer of shrimp, scallops, or a cheese covered portabella mushroom as the musicians tune up their guitars. Then, as their voices begin to soar, take a bit into one of Kelsey’s seared to perfection steaks, grilled fish, or roasted chicken. Each dessert pair wells with one of Kelsey’s specifically chosen wine bottles and an encore from the singers up front.

Whether the night is a special occasion or just a meal out of the house, head over to Kelsey’s Steakhouse to make the mid-afternoon night even better. Listen to singers perform classic covers or bring forth their own material and listen to the guitar, the piano, and violin, and a variety of different genres, including jazz, pop, the blues, and classic rock.

Since starting the dinner and a show night, Kelsey’s has invited a wide range of talent such as: Phil Hardesty and Derek Caruso, Bruce Chronister of The Unstoppables, John Fister, Mario Moreno, and the Allegro Trio.

Tonight’s performer, Cicco, will begin at 6;30 p.m. and the next performance on Wednesday, May 31 will be performed by Gerry Hundt. Check out Kelsey’s Steakhouse Facebook page to find out who is performing next and for any specials coming to you that night. Click here for their website and menu.