It’s a Wonderful, Meaningful Life!

PATH-Wonderful-Meaningful-LifeOn a typical Wednesday in December this happened; a 10 year old boy confided in me that he had previously contemplated suicide.

After one of our Liv.True mentoring sessions, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with a young boy, who has been severely bullied by his peers and even some family members. Through the relationship we built, after months of our weekly mentoring sessions, this young boy trusted me enough to tell me something that he had told no one else--not even his mother. He had thought about suicide. I was able to hear and immediately respond to his cry for help. I got him to agree to speak with the Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club where we meet, and most importantly, he agreed to talk with his mother and to explain the extent of the issues he was facing. Personally, this was one of the most powerful and encouraging encounters I've experienced.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among youth between the ages of 10 and 24. While 4,600 young lives are lost annually to suicide; programs like Liv.True afford us the privilege of extending a caring ear and helping hand. Our program provides us the opportunity to build relationships of trust and respect; allowing us to help prevent risky behaviors or, even worse, the tragic loss of a young boy contemplating suicide.

This boy's experience demonstrates the importance of talking to our young people about suicide, addiction, self-value, bullying and sexual health, among other topics. Most importantly we see results. While it may seem daunting to seek change in thousands of young lives, I firmly believe that even the life of one young boy is valuable enough to continue to serve.

We don't do this alone; our community partners, volunteers and donors are a vital part of our daily work. These youth need YOU and your continued support.

Stand with them. Fight with them. Dream with them.

Just $10/month sponsors one child; one dream; one life! Will you help save a life today?