It Sparkles: Colored Stones, Sterling Silver, and More Pearls

Have you stopped by Engstrom’s yet and checked out the jewelry I talked about last week? Any of those pieces would make great birthday presents, anniversary gifts, or Christmas ideas. Yes, Christmas, it’s not that far away folks. Now, on to more things that bling.

Let’s talk about more sparkles. On my last visit to Engstrom Jewelers, my eyes were immediately drawn to a gorgeous green tourmaline ring. I’m a bit biased towards green, it is my favorite color, so it’s natural that my eyes headed that way first. However, this piece is almost entirely impossible to miss. It’s huge. Surrounding the stone is a circle of round diamonds and filigree details, giving the ring a vintage look. This piece is by Chicago designer James Breski, who works with high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones to create colorful designs.

Speaking of rings, check out this diamond flower ring. I’m all about statement pieces and this ring is whimsical yet classy at the same time. The subtle introduction of color diagonally through the piece adds interest to the ring. Sized to be noticeable but not clunky, this graceful design is a great addition for any jewelry lover. Oh and did I mention the ring is one of a kind? Unique and only available at Engstrom Jewelers.

I adore long necklaces. They serve multiple purposes: wear it long, double up for a shorter look, and some can even serve as belts, if long enough. Another Frederic Duclos piece, this sterling silver necklace is the perfect length to wear it all of the aforementioned ways. Its series of different sized circles keep the necklace interesting and although it’s long and made of silver, the necklace is extremely lightweight. Duclos pieces are affordable too, starting as low as $70.

I mentioned my love for pearls last week and that love continues for this matching set. Set in 14k white gold, these freshwater pearl pieces are delicate and feminine, great for a night out or a business meeting. I love how the settings imply a floral look, with the pearl acting as the flower. I’m not one for matching pieces usually, but as I came across all three, I couldn’t just pick one as the favorite. Mix these up with other looks or wear them alone, pearls go with just about anything.

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Do stop in at Engstrom Jewelers and see all that they have to offer. These pieces are only a tiny selection of the fine jewelry in stock and available to order. With new items arriving all the time, and a helpful staff ensuring you find exactly what you are looking for, you’re guaranteed to find that perfect gift.