Its Winter, My Favorite Season!

By: Caden Walsworth Last Updated: February 14, 2011

It's winter, my favorite season! Listen to the crunch of the white wonderful snow. Feel the crisp air freeze you from head to toe. Brrr. Everything is white as a swan. Sledding, building snowmen, and drinking hot cocoa. Mmmm. Everything cold and everything pure white. So quiet it is very, very nice. Rosey cheeks, freezing weather, no season is better. It's white coat, so white, so beautiful. Can it get any better than this beautiful weather? Children laughing, sleds are crashing. Ice skating is fun too. Have you ever tried ice skating? This is the kind of season that is best. Winter is fun. I'll be sad when it's done. White Wonderful Winter.

(By Caden Walsworth, 2nd Grade, Washington Twp)