IU Northwest Art Galleries seek proposals from artists, curators for 2020-21 academic year

IU Northwest Art Galleries seek proposals from artists, curators for 2020-21 academic year

The School of the Arts at Indiana University Northwest encourages artists and curators to submit proposals for exhibitions in its two art galleries for the 2020-21 academic year.

The Gallery for Contemporary Art, located in the Savannah Center, and the School of the Arts Gallery, located in the Arts and Sciences Building, feature between 10 and 12 exhibitions during each academic year. Proposals are reviewed by an Exhibition Planning Committee, which looks for site-specific, concept-driven exhibitions that focus on contemporary work with bold points of view.

“We are interested in highlighting work that empowers and informs by engaging and fostering exploration and curiosity, as well as work that elevates voices and perspectives,” said Lauren M. Pacheco, director of Arts Programming and Engagement. “We encourage submissions to propose risk-taking, experimental, or boundary-crossing work that extends the concept, scale, and scope of an artist’s practice.”

The art galleries aim to:

  • present innovative exhibitions programming that complements and enhances the University's academic offerings;
  • exhibit art collections for study, and research;
  • educate the University community as well as the general public from Northwest Indiana about the forms and issues of contemporary and historic art from all cultures;
  • fill a unique niche in the region as a venue for exhibitions which receive the attention of neither major museums nor smaller galleries.

The School of the Arts has launched a new exhibit submission process that enables applicants to fully articulate their programming concepts, and for the Exhibition Planning Committee to make informed decisions based on submitted text, visuals and online content.

“Our campus galleries and theatres have presented arts and culture programming ranging from internationally recognized artists to our graduating seniors. In each of these shows, we have strived to bring artworks to the IU Northwest community that are thought-provoking, challenging and of interest to the region,” said David Klamen, dean of the School of the Arts.

“Publicly presenting work at IU Northwest gives our campus an interesting collection of artworks to contemplate and discuss,” Klamen said, “while offering the community a glimpse of the creativity that is growing from the neighboring art programs. Finally, it extends a valuable invitation to visit the campus to view work in a university context.”

More information about the galleries and the work sought, along with a link to the 2020-21 Visual and Performance Arts Exhibition Proposal Portal, can be found at iun.edu/art-gallery/exhibition-submissions.

For information about the galleries or the submissions process, contact Lauren Pacheco at 219-981-5627 or lpachec@iun.edu