IU Northwest WIUN Speaker Series to Examine Hit TV Series ‘Scandal’

Tune in or watch the student-produced discussion live on March 27

rot4Indiana University Northwest’s radio production class, in association with WIUN radio, will host a panel discussion of the important real-world issues highlighted in the ABC hit series Scandal at 6 p.m., Thursday, March 27 in the Moraine Student Center.

The event will include special guests Rochelle Brock, Ph.D., executive director of the Urban Teacher Education Program, and Natasha Brown, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication.

SCANDALOUS SCHOLARS: A Discussion of ABC’s Scandal will examine the themes of corruption, lies, sex and power, from an academic perspective, through the lens of the hit television show.

Scandal is a popular political-thriller, currently in its third season. Actor Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, Washington, DC’s top “fixer.” Scandal focuses on her crisis management team’s attempts to protect the public image of the rich and powerful—while trying to leave unsavory parts of her past behind.

WIUN Speaker Series is a six-episode live radio broadcast created by IU Northwest’s radio production class, in association with IU Northwest’s student radio station, WIUN. This is the second episode of student-produced series. The Speaker Series is meant to provide a venue to expose timely issues and impactful artists to our community.

IU Northwest faculty, students, and community members are encouraged to join in the discussion or tune in at www.iun.edu/wiun.

For more information about the WIUN Speaker Series, call (219) 981-5600.