Ivy Tech celebrates 2024 Spring Commencement

Ivy Tech celebrates 2024 Spring Commencement

The 2024 Spring Commencement for Ivy Tech Community College’s Valparaiso campus was a memorable event held at the Valparaiso University Athletics Recreation Center. Nearly 1,700 degrees and certificates were given to students for their achievements in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024

Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024 350 Photos
Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024Ivy Tech Valparaiso Spring Commencement 2024

“We are incredibly excited and proud of all of our students and their many accomplishments. Our students have worked tirelessly to accomplish their degrees. We are greatly looking forward to seeing all our students gathered alongside their families and guests of honor to share in this special day,” said Campus Chancellor Aco Sikoski in a press release.

The atmosphere in the venue was electric, filled with joy and pride as families and friends celebrated their graduates walking across the stage.

“Graduation is such an exciting and important milestone for our students because they have worked diligently and very hard to fulfill and complete their credentials,” said Erika Mihalek, Ivy Tech director of marketing and communications. 

Lisa Daugherty was one of the initial keynote speakers as she was honored with the 2024 Honorary Degree. Daugherty's leadership had been a big help in driving meaningful change.

Other students were nominated for recognition, including Faith Carlson, who was celebrated as the 2024 Distinguished Graduate. Additionally, Samantha Eriks was honored as the 2024 Distinguished Alumna and was recognized for their exceptional achievements and contributions within the community.

High school students additionally had the opportunity to receive their degrees at Ivy Tech. This is one of the numerous advantages for students attending Ivy Tech, along with transferring colleges and universities within Indiana and beyond.

“Our high school students who are dual enrolled graduated with IV check credentials alongside their high school diploma. Students sometimes even receive this diploma before their high school diploma. It’s wonderful that they’ve accomplished their goal with us,” said Mihalek.

While Ivy tech has campuses spread across Indiana and a significant online student body, all 2024 graduates were in person for this event, greeting and talking amongst each other.

Ivy Tech handed out various degrees at this year’s ceremony, ranging from associate degrees to short-term certificate programs and industry certifications, preparing them for success in their chosen fields.

“We are here to help individuals reach that better day, every day thereafter,” said Mihalek. “Seeing students of all ages or even high school students secure these credentials in real-time is incredible. It was great to see all of the excitement in the crowd and the different atmosphere set off by the speakers.” 

Across all ages and backgrounds, there was excitement from everyone celebrating the hard work and dedication of the graduates.

“We all face different challenges from one day to the next, and to see students who come from a variety of different ages and backgrounds earn their credentials is amazing,” said Mihalek. “To reach that point where they're going to reach a better day for their family, and earn a livelihood is incredible.”

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