Ivy Tech Fits Your Educational Needs, Lifestyle, and Wallet

Ivy Tech Fits Your Educational Needs, Lifestyle, and Wallet

Whatever dream career path you have, Ivy Tech has a program to fit your needs, lifestyle, and wallet. In just two years, you can get the degree you desire, or complete a certificate in as little as one year.

Ivy Tech offers a convenient and reliable transfer system. This stands out to those who desire to complete a four-year degree and wish to transfer to another college or university during their educational journey.

Areas of study range from all sides of the spectrum. From Accounting and Paralegal Studies, to Radiation Therapy, Nursing, and Fine Arts, Ivy Tech is fully prepared to assist when it comes to your dream job. To top it off, they also offer substantially affordable tuition at a fraction of the cost of a majority of universities in comparison.

With 45 locations all throughout Indiana, there very well may be an Ivy Tech conveniently near your location. For those located near Valparaiso, Ivy Tech Valpo campus is right outside your front door, conveniently located at 3100 Ivy Tech Drive in Valparaiso. 

Now, I’m sure you're asking yourself...where and how do I apply? Firstly—it’s free! Yes, you read that right, free, unlike a majority of other colleges and universities.

By visiting ivytech.edu/apply-now, you can speak to an admissions representative right now and get started on your own personal journey of success.

After the acceptance letter is received, there are a couple steps before enrollment, such as completing the FAFSA for access to financial aid, setting up a MyIvy Student account, connecting with your advisor, and transferring previous course credits.

Ivy Tech notes that the sooner you complete these steps, the sooner you are able to pick the classes you want!

Looking to speed up the enrollment pace? Ivy Tech invites you to join and RSVP for Express Enrollment, where many of these steps can be completed all at once. Here, you will be able to complete FYIvy, get financial aid questions answered (noting that the FAFSA must be completed prior to attending), meet with an advisor, and register for classes! You can RSVP here.

Additionally, to meet the assessment requirement, bring in any scores from the SAT/ACT/PSAT, a high school or college transcript, and a Photo ID. To learn more about this assessment, visit ivytech.edu/assessment.

Student life at Ivy Tech reaps many benefits, and includes various outlets that suit anyone who walks through their doors. Getting involved in one or more of their 250 statewide student organizations is a great way to meet new people, build leadership and professional skills, and make you more marketable in the workforce.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides social, cultural, and educational events on campus and acts as a great way to work and intermingle with your peers.

Ivy Tech believes in the education of leadership by providing hands-on opportunities to build up experience. Events, such as the Student Leadership Conference you can attend by participating in the Student Government Association (SGA), are tailored to student leadership styled outlets.

If you wish to achieve your dreams following a lifetime of success, then Ivy Tech is the perfect place for you. For more detailed information on courses, student life, or anything else, visit ivytech.edu.