Attention Charities & Non-Profits: JaG TOUR USA 2010 Looking to Lend You a Hand Tuesday, August 17, 2010

By: Nat Finn Last Updated: August 16, 2010


Good help is so hard to find nowadays. Luckily for us, two great guys will be riding into town to just that.

The JaG USA Tour will be riding into town on the evening of Monday, August 16th, 2010, looking to lend a hand.

What is JaG USA Tour?

JaG USA Tour is a goodwill cross-country motorcycle trip being taken by the father/son team of Jerry and Greg Yung. Traveling east, coast to coast along the Oregon Trail, the JaG USA Tour travels, stopping along the way to help wherever they can. And they don’t care what it is so much as it’s something to help someone or some charity out.

Work includes:

  • manual labor
  • construction
  • labor
  • clothing donations
  • telemarketing
  • kitchen
  • housework
  • organizing
  • take someone to lunch
  • walk a dog or two
  • do a jig (if you want)

They’re not looking for money. They’re not looking for fame. They’re just looking to spend some time together, doing good works and exploring Americana.

As they say it says on their website:

You know that feel-good feeling you get when you see someone beam their pearly-whites during a joyful moment (perhaps a surprise), receiving something they really need...Well, so do we... and we like it!

How Long will JaG USA Tour being in Northwest Indiana? jag-tour-usa
It depends on the demand for their services. If they can find a lot to do, they’ll be here a few days. If not, they’ll get on their bikes and mosey on down the road.

Where Will JaG USA Tour Be Staying?
At my house. The JaG USA Tour also happens to be the cousins of my sister’s boyfriend.

Can we meet JaG USA Tour?
Sure. Stop by for dinner Monday night and meet this selfless, couragous duo. My mother and sister will cook lots :-)

How do we contact JaG USA Tour?
You can get ahold of them in a few ways:

1) Contact me. leave me a message on or
2) Contact me on twitter:
3) Leave your info with ValpoLife and make it “Attn” JaG tour. They’ll send the info on to me.
4) Contact them on their website ( but they might be on the road.

What if we don’t need the help but we know of someone who might?
Let them know. They’ll do the legwork if needed.

How to learn more about JaG USA Tour?
Check out their site:

And when they’re done, they’ll continue heading east along the Oregon Trail. Follow their journey on Twitter: