Jak’s Warehouse Provides Fun and Excitement for Friends, Family and Co Workers of All Ages

photos by Anna Hanson

Fun has no age limit. Great fun has an appeal to both kids and adults. Jak’s Warehouse is the perfectly balanced sweet spot of fun activities designed to appeal to the entire family with enough activities for anyone to find enjoyment from. A group of Lifers spent a few hours seeing all that Jaks has to offer and walked away with some great impressions.

Jak’s contains many attractions designed for group play. Attractions such as laser tag and the deceptively complex yet fun laser maze seemingly lifted out of Mission impossible, are at their most fun with a group of friends or family to play along with you.

“The laser tag was my favorite part of my visit at Jak’s,” says Lifer Carly Kwiecien. “I have not had that much fun in a while, it made me feel like a little kid again. I was carefree, hiding behind walls, shooting a laser at my coworkers, it was a great bonding experience that brought me and my team closer.”

For those who prefer more vehicular based entertainment, go-karts and bumper cars are available with a full track ready for anyone feeling the need for speed along with responsive and safe bumper cars for all age groups.

If you’re a younger family member wanting to participate in some of Jak’s activities, their Ballocity climbing environment provides tons of fun for children as they crawl and climb in colorful, safe environments filled with slides and foam ball launchers. For an activity that the whole family can enjoy, their 9 hole urban golf course complete with a neon glowing interior and holes that find the perfect balance between challenging and fun.

The middle of Jak’s enormous building consist of over 40 family friendly arcade games. From racing games to dancing games, JAK’s has a slew of digital entertainment that satisfies those of all skill levels. Each machine is bright and colorful and immediately catches the eye of those who pass by.

The two main attractions of Jak’s and arguably the most fun were the Sky Trail and climbing wall. The Sky Trail is a four-story climbing and ropes course that has you high in the air making your way around the course as the rest of Jak’s sits below you. As all three lifers took their time to experience the course and its alternate paths, all three felt that it was an incredible adrenaline filled rush that gave an equal amount of fear and excitement. The climbing wall offered two variations with each one being a challenge of strength and test of will as you climb your way to the top.

“I had the chance to break out of my shell and do something I would normally never do,” says Kwiecien. “I walked the Sky Trail, I was attached to a harness and walked across a balance beam many feet above the ground. Although I am not particularly afraid of heights, I was walking on a thin, wooden plank high in the air with the view of the entire building down below. It was safe, I felt comforted and in the end, I was glad I did that.”

At the end of our visit, everyone left Jaks feeling like they more than got their time’s worth out of it. So many places try to be fun and filled with different attractions, but few ever find that balance in fun and inclusiveness for everyone. A place where the whole family can go, experience different things and walk away satisfied.

“I would recommend a visit to Jak’s Warehouse to anyone who likes to have fun,” says Kwiecien. “It was an easy drive, the staff were friendly, the activities were fun-filled and action-packed and I left there wishing my visit wasn’t over.”

To find out more about Jak’s Warehouse, be sure to visit their website.