January in Review At Boone Grove

January in Review At Boone Grove
By: Mariana Venturella Last Updated: January 23, 2019

Student Spotlight

Senior Sara Sanchez has been a Boone Grove student since kindergarten. She describes the memories and genuine people she met during high school as “amazing.” Underclassmen can turn to Sanchez when they need a laugh or a friend.

“Even through the bad times, high school can offer the best times,” Sanchez said. “One of my favorite moments in high school was finding out I was chosen to be on rainbow staff for the spring 2019 Natural Helpers retreat. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Boone Grove. I was lucky enough to be a part of it and build a lot of friendships.”

Sanchez has become a role model in the community, which very important to her.

“As a senior, we should all be role models,” Sanchez said. “As [my favorite artist] Harry Styles says, ‘Treat people with kindness.’ It’s easy to feel superior to underclassmen, but remember to be kind. Underclassmen, just like us, are trying to navigate through the school day. We all know how they feel, so let’s not make it any more stressful.”

Choir teacher Mrs. Welbourne-Swetalla has made it easier for Sanchez to navigate her way through middle and high school.

“Music is so important to me and I’m very passionate about it. Mrs. Welbourne’s love for music shows strongly in class, which drives students like me to share that same feeling,” Sanchez said. “She goes above and beyond for our choir program and for her students every day.

“I will always be so thankful for her and what she’s taught me over the last six years, especially the fun facts that will help me win Jeopardy one day,” Sanchez joked. Sanchez is ready for her final semester and what will come next.

“I want to make our last year memorable so we can leave with fond memories. We’re all very emotional about graduating in May and spending our last days as seniors together,” Sanchez said.

If Sanchez is known for one thing it’s her charisma.

“I want people to know that there are people out there who care for you and help you if you ever need it. It takes courage to ask for help, but just remember someone is always there,” Sanchez said.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Sharpe2019BooneGrove2

Mrs. Sharpe is in her 41st year of teaching at Boone Grove. She left the high school to teach elementary school before returning in 2008. Throughout her time at Boone Grove, she formed positive relationships with many students. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing them come back.

“I love when my graduated students come back to see me,” Sharpe said. “They tell me how successful they are, and I tell them how proud I am of them. Nothing is better than knowing you helped a person succeed.” Emma Hylek and Delaney Starcevich are two students on the very long list of lives touched by Mrs. Sharpe.

“Mrs. Sharpe always puts a smile on my face and she’s really outgoing,” Starcevich said.

“She is really funny but also really helpful, which is why I love being around her,” Hylek said.

When asked about her 41 years of teaching and how things have changed, Sharpe was quick to answer: “Books!”

“I miss books! Some students don’t understand the internet is not always reliable. I like books because all the information is right in front of you,” Sharpe said.

Teaching for more than 40 years is a celebrated accomplishment. Mrs. Sharpe said the most rewarding thing to know is that she has an influence on her students.

“I am happy to know my students graduate and are hardworking people. I like preparing them for the future and teaching them manners,” Sharpe said.

“My students are great. We form a bond. We support each other, and they’ve given me a great deal of support this year,” Sharpe said.

She described her career as “full of surprises, and never the same.” Students at Boone Grove students are thankful for the familiar and supportive face of Mrs. Sharpe in the hallways.

What’s Coming Up: Girls Basketball Sectionals2019BooneGrove1

The Boone Grove Wolves have challenged Hebron High School to play in their sectional matchup. They’ll play game one on January 29 at North Judson.

This is the third matchup between the Wolves and the Hawks, with Hebron leading the series 2-0. The rest of the sectional field includes North Newton, Winamac, and North Judson. This sectional field is one of the toughest in the state, with the five teams combining for only 30 losses and 69 wins as of January 22. North Judson is the favorite, coming into the sectional with a 16-3 record with no losses to any 2A schools. The Lady Wolves are led by seniors Madie Pfister, Kate Pfister, Annika Ehrlich, and Katelyn Downham. The Wolves are coached by Linda Eletheri.

What Has Happened: Boone Grove Virtual Online Days

On February 13, Boone Grove High School will have a virtual online makeup day. When PTSC calls snow days or any other day off of school, students have the ability to continue classes online that day. This is beneficial to students, as they will not have to stay in school longer into their summer vacation. All virtual learning days count towards an actual school day.

On virtual learning days teachers post assignments, lessons, and lectures as if the students were actually in school.

“I like online days because I still have access to all the resources I need,” said junior Emmi Kosteba. “If I ever have questions or need help, I can email teachers and they all answer quickly to any problems I have.”

Having virtual learning days also gives students an idea of what college will be like. Students manage independence, time management, and responsibility in completing their assignments.