Jay Borns: Buyer Specialist with The Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty

Jay Borns: Buyer Specialist with The Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: August 1, 2016

After being with the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty for the last eight years, and in the real estate business for 23 years, Jay Borns has seen a thing or two as far as buying and selling homes is concerned.

Borns is a native to Northwest Indiana and her interest in real estate and the buying and selling of properties was sparked by her 10 brothers and sisters. That’s right, 10!

“Whenever one of them thought about buying a house I always had to get into it,” said Borns. “I thought, ‘you know, I’m really into this so I just need to go and get a license.’ I’ve just always had an interest in it and I’ve always thought it was one of the best investments you can make.”

“My first house, I think we bought in 1975 for $18K and, after making a lot of improvements, I sold it five years later and doubled my money. Then I bought a piece of land and build a house so I’ve always had an interest in buying and selling homes.”

Helping people through the process and guiding them through something they don’t normally know how to do is one of the shining reasons Borns really enjoys working in real estate.

“It’s very complicated at times,” said Borns. “It’s a huge decision and you don’t take it lightly. If you do it right you will come out ahead, you just have to be careful. Because I’ve dealt with it for so long, I have a pretty good feel for price ranges, values, and things like that.”

Being in the business for twenty-plus years has given Borns a unique perspective on the way the markets have changed and how to navigate through those changes to best serve her clients.

“Lending is really difficult and it has changed a lot,” Borns said. “The internet has had a big impact. Many people do their initial shopping online and that’s huge. People have a lot more choices now and there’s a lot of internet advertising. It’s very competitive.”

“I’m grateful that I’ve worked in the business. It’s difficult and it has been especially over the last 10 years I’d say. It started in 2008 and it was just horrid for years. A lot of realtors got out of the business and now there are new ones jumping in. It makes it interesting.”

Borns worked as an independent agent before coming to Boulder Bay and joining the Lynda Anderson Team.

“This is my first team experience and I did that in 2008 when the market was horrible,” said Borns. “I had been laying low for a couple of years and not really pushing or growing my business. I said that I needed somebody to give me a real good kick and motivate me to get out there and work. I knew I needed to join a team that was going to push and so that’s where I am now.”

“It’s awesome when people find the right house,” said Borns when speaking about finding the right home for a family. “You should be able to tell that when people walk in and then out of that house whether it’s the right house for them.”

For Borns, “the best part of it is negotiating a deal for them whether it’s a great deal or just a deal. You’ve gotten them in a house and it changes their life. It’s a good feeling to know you’ve helped them make positive changes.”