Jeanette Sosnowski Has Witnessed Fiddlehead’s Success Firsthand

Jeanette Sosnowski Has Witnessed Fiddlehead’s Success Firsthand
By: Contributor Last Updated: June 7, 2018

Seeing your hard work pay off is something Fiddlehead cook Jeannette Sosnowski knows all too well. For three years Sosnowski has watched Fiddlehead Restaurant grow from humble beginnings to the Michigan City mainstay it is today. Sosnowski has also seen every aspect of Fiddlehead by working first as a server, then a hostess, and finally a cook.

Through it all, Sosnowski has enjoyed many parts of her work. Witnessing the growth that Fiddlehead has experienced, and being a part of that, has given her a lot of pride in the work she does.

“It’s a family environment,” said Sosnowski. “Aaron [O’Reilly] and I have been through a lot together and we’ve seen the place grow. I’ve put a lot of time into this place and that’s what keeps me around. It’s my second family here.”

Sosnowski has also seen how changes in Fiddlehead’s atmosphere have had a positive impact on the restaurant. With O’Reilly putting hours into updating the interior, the restaurant has taken on a comfortable feel that has positively impacted the guests and workers.

“We’ve repainted and Aaron is always adding something new,” Sosnowski said. “I guess we just want it to feel homey, and when you look at other places in the area nothing else compares. In the kitchen we have a positive energy that translates to the servers and the customers.”

That kitchen energy is what sets Fiddlehead apart from past places Sosnowski has worked. With everyone jumping in to help one another, communication is a big aspect of the kitchen.

“How we talk to each other is really special,” said Sosnowski. “We’re very sarcastic to one another and we just try and make everything as comfortable as possible. We have a good flow and that’s important in kitchens because in some kitchens no one talks to one another. I think that’s what sets us apart.”

Her coworkers, as well as the customers she interacts with, are Sosnowski’s favorite part of the job. Forging lasting relationships is one of the many things she loves about Fiddlehead.

“Being around the people here is always a delight,” said Sosnowski. “My manager is one of my best friends and we all hang out after work. The food is great too, cooking is fun, and it has taught me a lot, especially how to cook for myself.”

All that positivity translates outside the restaurant and to the city Fiddlehead calls home. With goals to make a positive impact on the community, the restaurant is certainly making strides to do so.

“We put up local artist work in the restaurant, so that’s helped out the arts district,” Sosnowski said. “Also, our food, when we first started there wasn’t much around this area and now we’ve shown that Michigan City is a good place to have your business.”

If you’re interested in checking out Michigan City or just want a great bite to eat, give Sosnowski and Fiddlehead a bit of your time.

To check out Fiddlehead’s menu, take a look at their website.