Jim Wright of Sauers Buick GMC Reflects on Nearly 45 Years in the Car Business

Jim Wright of Sauers Buick GMC Reflects on Nearly 45 Years in the Car Business

Jim Wright has been a staple a Sauers Buick GMC since the early 1990’s. Having started in the business some 20 years before that means the Wright has seen quite a bit in his years selling cars.

“I’ve been in the car business since 1972,” Wright said. “I just really liked cars.”

Before working with Sauers, Wright had sold Ford, Cadillac, GMC and Oldsmobile at other locations. Coming to Sauers has worked out nicely for Wright who’s been with the company since 1992.

“I’ve been with Sauers for 24 years now,” said Wright. “The longer you’re at one place, the more successful you’ll be if you do the job the right way. You’ve got to treat people fairly and you’ll make more money the longer you’re at one place as long as everything comes together like it should, and it has!”

“It’s been a good business and an interesting business, obviously or I wouldn’t have been here so long! When I started selling Fords they were $3000 and we now have $80K Yukon’s and $63K pickups. The cars are a lot more modern and the technology has changed a lot.”

“I like the product too. They’re just completely different cars,” Wright said when commenting on having sold Fords and, now, GMC. “Ford is more of your entry level car and Buick is a step up, right below Cadillac.”

Having been in the business for nearly 45 years, Wright spoke about some of the things that have kept him selling cars.

“I’ve enjoyed everything about the business,” Wright said. “I’ve enjoyed the people and certainly being around the cars. The car business is no different than any other business. You get out of it what you put into it.”

Being a ‘car guy’ means that Wright has a couple at home that he’s quite proud to own and show off at car shows throughout the Region.

“I’ve got some old cars. I’ve got a ‘39 Ford and I have a 1930 Model A Sedan which are both street rods. The Model A Sedan I just got about a month ago and they both have General Motors drive trains so the drive like modern cars.”

“That’s what I wanted because the original has no interest to me because they drive so slow! Not that I’m going to go 100 mph but in case I wanted to, I could.”

While Wright has been in the business for over 40 years, he still works six days a week with no signs of letting up.