JM2 Maintenance Plans Provide Peace of Mind to Pursue Your Passions

JM2 Maintenance Plans Provide Peace of Mind to Pursue Your Passions
By: Steven Neville Last Updated: July 13, 2016

The grind of running a business takes passion, heart, and a commitment to growing what you love into something successful even when it seems like success is out of reach.

JM2 Webdesigners run a business, and their heart, passion, and commitment is in taking the worry and stress of building and maintaining a website off your mind so you can put your focus on growing your own success.

This dedication to the passion and success of your business makes it no surprise that JM2 offers maintenance packages to new and existing customers that are geared towards helping you succeed without having to worry about whether your website is running on a daily basis, or whether the cost of keeping it running is going to prevent you from spending time and money on growing your business.

“We believe in letting business owners handle what they do best: sell their own business,” Customer Sales Representative, Kyle Hovanec, told IIMM. “This gives them complete peace of mind in that they no longer have to devote hours towards their website because we take care of that for them.”

But it’s not just peace of mind for your business’ website, a majority of JM2’s maintenance packages offer options for Facebook and Digital Marketing as well; further allowing you the freedom to pursue what you love, knowing that your digital presence is being taken care of.

Plus, with free website redevelopment every 24 months and JM2’s promise that as their features grow and are added in these packages for your use the cost to you will not, you can feel safe in knowing that a JM2 maintenance package is designed to grow with your success.

And these new features are coming soon, added Hovanec.

“We already have new features ready to roll out, but no matter what we add, we will never charge more for the price level that people enter in on.”

Whether it’s a new site built by JM2 based on your dreams and ideas for your business, or just a little TLC for your currently developed website, JM2 wants to devote their passion to help grow yours.

And it’s as simple as that, just ask Kyle.

“People always ask us what is the catch, there is no catch, Make clients happy, they stay clients forever. It’s that simple.”

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