Johnny On The Spot – Flushable Restrooms in a Variety of Specialty Colors

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: April 6, 2017

Johnny-On-The-Spot-Flushable-Restrooms-in-a-Variety-of-Specialty-Colors-2017When it comes to variety, quality and meeting the needs of their customers, Johnny On The Spot conforms to the highest standards in the business and they carry some truly remarkable portable restrooms. Their standard model is just the tip of the iceberg and other options that Johnny On The Spot offers include: their deluxe model, a flushable version, a ladies’ flushable version, handicapped & ADA compliant restrooms.

One unique option that Johnny On The Spot affords their customers are flushable restrooms which come in a range of specialty colors that will fit just right with whatever the occasion might be.

Johnny On The Spot offers a variety of colors for customers to choose from, for when their signature red restroom doesn’t quite fit into the theme of your event. White, ivory, baby pink, and dark green are available in the flushable restrooms. Johnny On The Spot also offers a purple restroom with hand sanitizer but quantities are limited so it's best to book your unique restroom as soon as possible!

These exclusive restrooms will add a nice touch to your outdoor wedding, reunion or baby shower, or whatever your occasion. Johnny On The Spot is committed to their customers and that attention to detail means finding just the right restroom for any event.

Roomy Interior
Hand wash station inside
Paper towel dispenser
Purse/coat hook
Toilet paper holder
60-gallon capacity

Exterior Dimensions
Height: 85”
Width: 43”
Depth: 47”

Lights available

For more information about these and all the restroom choices Johnny On The Spot has to offer, go to:!