Johnny On The Spot: Trucks that Deliver & Maintain the Quality You Expect

Johnny On The Spot: Trucks that Deliver & Maintain the Quality You Expect

At Johnny On The Spot, we pride ourselves on having clean, modern equipment that is kept in good working order. Every driver washes their truck at the end of every shift before the truck is parked for the evening. Our trucks, just like our restrooms, are held to meticulously clean standards.

Our trucks have a “smell good” oil in them that makes the waste pumping exhaust have significantly less odor. This makes it possible for us to remove waste at seasonal locations, during events, and even on construction sites without disrupting the activities going on in that area.

We have real-time GPS tracking on all of our trucks which allows us to provide the best customer service in regards to delivery, service, and pick-up times. We can see where the driver has been and where he is going. This also helps to see where the driver is and how many stops he has before he arrives to a certain location. If a customer calls in we can tell them exactly how close the driver is to their location.

Trucks are typically driven by the same driver every time which ensures that the driver is comfortable with the equipment he is using.

Johnny-On-The-Spot-Rout-Truck-Collage-2016Route Trucks
Route trucks are used to do daily service routes. They have a larger waste tank capacity so they can service a large amount of restrooms.

Daily routes are completed by the same driver each week which means our drivers are familiar with your restroom needs. These trucks can be used to do deliveries and pickups, as well, but they can only hold two regular restrooms at a time.

Johnny-On-The-Spot-Delivery-Truck-Collage-2016Delivery & Pick-up Truck
Our delivery/pick-up truck can hold up to eight regular restrooms. This truck has a smaller waste tank however, if needed, it is able to complete a small route.

Versatility is key with the delivery and pick-up truck. The day route of a P&D Driver is always different depending on what orders come in and what needs to be done that day.

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