Join Franciscan Omni Health and Fitness on Friday, July 25th, for Tara’s Fundraiser

South-Haven-Library-Tara-FundraiserIn December 2013, after enduring months of fatigue, discomfort and uncontrollable itching, Tara was diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts, medically known as cholangiocarcinoma. The relatively rare cancer, affecting about 2,500 Americans a year, has several forms, each named for the location affected. Tara's cancer is intrahepatic, meaning it's growing on the bile ducts inside the liver. As the cancer grows, it restricts the flow of bile, which the body needs to digest fats.

Tara along with her husband Sean and 7 year old son Evan have a long road ahead of them. Tara was accepted into a clinical trial in New York . Her surgery to implant a chemo pump is scheduled for July 2nd. There is no known cure for this cancer once it has spread. Tara is inoperable and not a candidate for a liver transplant at this time so insurance will no longer pay for any treatments. Getting into the clinical trial was crucial in buying Tara some time. If the chemo pump does it’s job and Tara’s cancer stays stable for 16 months, she can be put on liver transplant list and insurance will go back into effect for treatment.

We are holding this fundraiser to help the family take a trip to Disney & help with the New York expenses. Please come out and support Tara and her family.

$5.00 Admission for individuals

$20.00 Admission for up to 6 people

Donations/ Raffle Prizes can be dropped off at Omni in Schererville with Tonia Schick or call (219)765-8210 for pick up or information.