Join Life Care Centers of the Willows in Celebrating 2017 Nursing Home Week

By: Life Care Center of the Willows Last Updated: May 10, 2017

rot1We are celebrating N.H.W. with the theme: “Spirit of America!” The Willows is showing our “Spirit of America,” by celebrating the different cities throughout our country.

Welcome to Ellis Island- New York! Let’s all wear our I Love NY t-shirts or share your family’s stories of coming to America through Ellis Island.

Chi-Town-Chicago! Let’s all express our spirit with wearing our favorite sport team shirts and our love for the famous deep dish pizza!

Western Wednesday: Let’s all get out our big ten-gallon hats, straw hats, bandanas, cowboy boots, and flannels to express our love for the Western states. Also, let’s visit with a true four legged pioneer Danny the Cowboy horse! (Weather Permitting)

Welcome to Hollywood-California! Let’s all get our glam on and be red carpet ready for all of the paparazzi. Break out the sparkles, makeup, bow ties, dress shirts etc. and look our best! After all, we are having our very own Willows fashion show for both Staff & Residents to strut their stuff!

Celebrate America: U.S.A. Day! Let’s all join in with wearing Red, White, Blue, Stars, and Stripes! Today is the day to put all of our wonderful cities together and celebrate our country with good friends and good food at our Celebrate America Cookout and our all American Cookout festivities! (Bean bag toss, S’mores, horseshoes, ring toss, and beach ball volleyball...and many more!)