Journey Senior Living of Merrillville provides individualized, award-winning memory care

Journey Senior Living of Merrillville provides individualized, award-winning memory care
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: July 29, 2019

Finding a new home for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or any other memory condition is a challenging prospect. Journey Senior Living of Merrillville strives to make that choice as simple as possible.

Journey Senior Living of Merrillville is a community 100 percent focused on memory care. The living experience is designed and curated to provide the best possible environment to any individual living with a memory disorder.

“What’s different about our community is that we deal with these types of diseases day in and day out, so experience comes along with that,” said Kelsey Shaw, Sales and Marketing Director at Journey Senior Living of Merrillville. “With dementia, there’s no clear cut way that it’s going to present itself. Every case looks different, so with every resident that walks in our door, we become more experienced with how to help individuals with dementia.”

At the heart of their philosophy are their individual care plans, which are comprehensive road maps designed for each resident’s unique conditions, habits, goals, and wants.

“We speak at length with caregivers, family members, and guardians to find out what our residents lived like in their younger years,” Shaw said. “We find out their hobbies, what their daily routines looked like, what types of food they enjoyed, and so on. All of that is taken into consideration in their care.”

With their individual care plans, Journey Senior Living knows details—such as when a resident prefers to take their showers, how late they like to sleep in, whether they like a cup of coffee with their newspaper—and takes every step to accommodate those desires. At Journey, there is one staff member for every eight residents, allowing them to take the time to know every resident on a personal level.

“We know that there’s going to be extra care needed for our residents,” Shaw said. “With our ratio, we’re equipped to provide a lot of care so that our residents are getting everything they need.”

Another positive aspect of life at Journey Senior Living is their full calendar of events. Residents are never lacking for things to do—spiritual services, crafts sessions, and games regularly take place. A personal trainer visits the community twice a week. Largescale events are also available for residents and their families to enjoy, such as August’s upcoming Carnival in the Courtyard.

“We’ve got everything going on and it’s all geared towards servicing people with dementia,” Shaw said. “Everything is modified to be appropriate for our residents.” All of this, combined with 24/7 on-site skilled nursing staff, private apartments, healthy meals prepared daily by an on-site chef, and a strong sense of community helped Journey Senior Living of Merrillville earn’s “Best of Senior Living 2018” award. To learn more about the only standalone memory care community in Northwest Indiana, visit