Jump on the Meal Train for Jeremy

jeremy-impactJeremy Carnahan, owner of Impact Solutions, is currently battling Classic Hodgkin's Disease (Lymphoma). He and his family can use all of our help in this time of need.

With all of the things that go on for a family battling something like this, simple things such as preparing meals, can become daily struggles. Anyway anyone can help him and his family during this time of need would be greatly appreciated. For anyone that knows him or his wife Kerri, you know they would help anyone put in the same position.

This kind, giving family needs your help, so we ask you to please give a hand in jumping on a Meal Train for Jeremy.

Join Jeremy's MealTrain! 

What is a Meal Train?

A meal train is the act of organizing meal giving around significant life events.

But what does this really mean?

When a friend is in need, everyone says "What can I do to help out?" The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a meal train.

Think about it like this:
Friends going through a difficult or challenging time due to a birth, surgery, illness, etc., could use some help. Willing friends, neighbors, colleagues, and congregation members would love to meet this need, if they only knew what to do. An organized meal train gives them a way to show they care by cooking and taking a meal to a friend or family member.

But why should I use MealTrain.com?
To help eliminate the confusion related to meal giving. No longer are questions left unanswered like: What do they like? When are they available? What have they already had?.

Providing each giver this information helps simplify the process so they can focus on supporting others with meals.

Meal Train Benefits

Before mealTrain.com:
If you have ever organized meal giving, you know the potential headaches.

First you send an e-mail announcement and then try to make sense of the confusing email replies, reply-alls, double date booking, phone calls, cancellations, meal questions and voicemail messages.

With mealTrain.com:
You eliminate confusion by creating a shared calendar and answering questions in advance like; What do they like? When are they available? What have they already had?

mealTrain.com includes:

  • Real-time meal calendar
  • Ability to customize dates, times, and meal preferences
  • Invitations via e-mail and Facebook
  • Reminder emails
  • Add booked dates to a personal calendar automatically 
  • Ensure that everyone has the necessary information so they can focus on supporting friends with meals.

Oh yeah, did we say that it is Free!

View a sample: http://www.mealtrain.com/learn/sample/

Learn more: http://www.mealtrain.com/