Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C.: A Touchstone Energy Cooperative that Goes the Extra Mile

Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C.: A Touchstone Energy Cooperative that Goes the Extra Mile
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: January 2, 2019

Some businesses do it all, and each day, Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C. caters to its thousands of member-consumers through their specialized services. As a non-profit membership cooperative that delivers power to more than 18,000 residential and commercial member-consumers, KV R.E.M.C. places its member-consumers first, providing a plethora of helpful resources and community centric outlets in addition to power.

With member-consumers in Lake, LaPorte, Marshall, Porter, Pulaski, St. Joseph, and Starke counties, KV R.E.M.C. works to ensure its member-consumers receive the highest quality of power, plus the privilege of ownership and additional support. Since the company is a co-op, every member-consumers is also an owner, and with that title comes a lot of benefits. KV R.E.M.C. offers energy efficient programs and services, providing its member-consumers every tool they need to make wise energy decisions for their homes and businesses.

Whether you are looking for ways to make your existing home more comfortable and energy efficient, or you’re planning on building a new home with low utility costs and high indoor air quality, or you just are looking for some general information, KV R.E.M.C. has all the solutions you need. With resources such as free energy assessments and rebates through the Power Moves program, having autonomy over your energy usage has never been more manageable and straightforward.

This is just the tip of the positive iceberg that comes with KV R.E.M.C. membership. The company is also heavily involved in the community, making a lasting impact on the surrounding area beyond its membership advantages. One of KV R.E.M.C.’s cooperative principles is supporting the local economy, acting as a conduit for community growth and providing energy that helps promote a better industrial future and a strong existing and future workforce.

Through Operation Round Up® KV R.E.M.C. supports local non-profits and students in a big way. By member-owners rounding up their bills automatically, those additional pennies will go toward area non-profits in the community. For every member that participates, this is typically a $6 a year contribution. Multiply that by 18,000 members, and the potential for lasting impact is boundless. To date, Operation Round Up® has given over a million dollars to community not-for-profit organizations. Through Operation Round Up®, scholarships are also available to graduating high school seniors seeking to continue their education through college, university, or trade school can receive scholarship opportunities.

The chance for scholarships is just one example of how KV R.E.M.C supports community youth. Numerous beneficial programs exist for students and youths, such as Touchstone Energy Camp, the 4-H Electric Program, a Calendar Art Contest, Youth Tour to Washington D.C., and the chance to win the Youth Power and Hope Award, which recognizes Indiana youth in grades 5-8 for their community service.

Many of these programs promote further education on energy usage, how it works, and how to stay safe while using it. Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C. also provides an easily accessible Education Toolkit so that you and your family can know what to do if you encounter a situation where electricity is a danger. Electricity is everywhere; it’s easy to take it for granted and forget that it poses certain risks.

Finally, KV R.E.M.C. goes that extra mile with its Co-Op Connections Card Program. With this card, member-consumers can shop at some 32,000 local and national participating retailers and save lots of money. From dining to clothing to auto repair, it pays to save.

For further details on all this information and much more, visit the Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C. website.