Keep the Love Local with Businesses Like Extra Mile Fitness

EXMI-Fun-RunsAs many know, local businesses are essential to making the local economy thrive. Besides the fact that these businesses can’t be found anywhere else so they are very unique, they are also adding to the personality of the town. Extra Mile Fitness, the local running store that is well-known in Northwest Indiana, is a perfect example of a local business filling touching the lives of so many in a positive light.

Did you know…?

In 2015 Extra Mile has donated over 500 pairs of shoes to local veterans. These people, above anyone, deserve thanks and support.

Through volunteering, monetary donations, and other gifts, Extra Mile has helped over 30 local nonprofits/not-for-profits this year alone.

Extra Mile employs local people. High school and college students and lovers of fitness and running walk through the doors everyday ready to serve the region.

Extra Mile hosts free fun runs every week just to promote the sport of running.

Free gait analysis is offered to anyone looking to invest in a good pair of running shoes. This extra step ensures that the right person is matched with the right pair of shoes, preventing injury and promoting health, wellness, and a better running experience.


All of these things and more contribute to the well-being of our community. And let’s not forget that the money spent at local businesses stays in the community, preserving the character and simultaneously promoting prosperity. And the diversity of products provided by many local businesses will beat out the unoriginal offerings of chains and big box stores anytime.

Extra Mile is always busy with something for people to do. Running clubs, training programs to get people through their first 5k to their third marathon, promotion of local races, and educational classes fill Extra Mile’s calendar every month.

Click here to see Extra Mile’s Calendar of events!

Owners Todd and Heather Henderlong are local residents who spend a great deal of time out and about in the community and in their store. They have been familiar faces in Northwest Indiana and they are always coming up with new ways to promote the sport of running.

"To me it's super important because what they do impacts the community and they do a great job giving back to the community. The programs and services they offer help so many people reach their goals," Michelle Burke-McCaskey said. "Todd and Heather are just really cool people to work for. Their knowledge is pretty amazing. I always learn something new. They have lots of knowledge and have had some cool experiences in their lives, running and non-running related. I think that helps them to make good community connections as well."

"I can't tell you what I like, but I will say what I LOVE. I love working with a staff that truly wants to just help people. Every interaction we make during the day is a chance to get to know someone new in the community. I meet so many great people, and I hear stories of encouragement and strength from all ages of runners and walkers," Laura Gutzwiller said. "What's better than helping someone whose feet hurt find a shoe that puts an instant smile on their face? I'm very grateful to be part of the team at Extra Mile."

"I enjoy working at Extra Mile because of the approach Heather and Todd have toward the community. The goal is to get everyone in the right shoe and running injury free. I also love being on a team that gives back to the community," Deanna Grimes said.

If you want to find out more about Todd and Heather, click here! Then head into Extra Mile Fitness and support a local business!