Keep your floors on-trend at Value Flooring

Keep your floors on-trend at Value Flooring
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: September 27, 2019

As society has advanced, so has our flooring. What was once used for simple functionality, is now another area to flex those design muscles. While trends come and go, hello shag carpeting, with each new trend, Value Flooring is here to help navigate the enormous amount of choices you have. 

Thanks to Joanna Gaines and HGTV, the “rustic farmhouse” look has become quite a popular trend. Rustic floors take center stage, such as natural wood with wide and long planks. Of course, many homes weren’t built with those gorgeous natural hardwood floors you find in old farmhouses. Thankfully, Value Flooring can help. With a plethora of options ranging from engineered to solid hardwood, they can help you find just the right hardwood that will give  that rustic look and feel. 

Technology has opened up a whole new world for flooring, and one of those ways is through the use of laminate or vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood. This great option for kitchens, bathrooms, or basements is a trend that is sure to give you that look of hardwood, without the worry of damage. It’s a great alternative for those with pets and kids! At Value Flooring, you can find several options of this style in their Mohawk or RevWood Plus lines. 

Another flooring (or backsplash and shower tile) trend that has become popular recently is the mosaic tile look. With painted tiles becoming more in style, there is a vast array of options in varying shapes, colors, and patterns. It can be dizzying finding which one will bring out the perfect look and feel for you. Value Flooring can guide you on this decision, while catering to your needs.

Even the ever-classic carpeting has had a makeover. While carpet once reigned supreme as the flooring of choice, hardwood eventually took over in many of the main living spaces. With stain-resistance and high-durability, carpet can once again be an excellent option for your flooring. Working with Mohawk Industries, Value Flooring can find the right option for your needs. Allergy sufferers take note, there are hypo-allergenic options with Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring.

No matter your style or taste, Value Flooring has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you choose the affordable and right materials for your next flooring project. You can visit their showroom at 708 Silhavy Rd, Valparaiso, IN. You can also find some inspiration and information on their products through their website: