Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

With the cold weather here, it's important to take extra special care of your pets. They don't normally wear coats and shoes like we do so it's important to take special precautions.

* Limit your pet's time outside this week. Just like people, pets can suffer from frost bite and other serious problems in the extreme cold. Young, older and pets with chronic health issues are most at risk.

* Coats and boots can help minimize the risk to pets especially for animals that have short hair or have recently had a haircut.

* Cats and other animals may seek shelter in your wheel well or under the hood of your car. Be sure to honk your car horn or tap on the hood of the car before starting it. You can save the animal's life and prevent damage to your vehicle.

* Dogs with short snouts such as pugs, Pomeranians and bulldogs as well as Siamese and similar cats can suffer from respiratory problems in the extreme cold.

* If you walk your dog in areas that have been treated with ice-melt, be sure to wipe their paws with a warm damp cloth after the walk. Ice-melt can cause irritation and damage paws.

And something very important is if you lose your pet or find someone else's lost pet, use our Hound and Found page to report it. We have connected hundreds of pets to their owners. And you don't want your animals to be out in this weather wandering around, looking for their home. Click here to find out more!

Tips courtesy of North Central Veterinary Center