Kelsey’s Steak House Hosts Wonderful Wine Tasting and Dinner

Kelsey’s Steak House Hosts Wonderful Wine Tasting and Dinner

The rain may have been coming down outside, but inside Kelsey’s Steak House the only thing pouring was the wine. On March 30, the restaurant held its first wine tasting event. Attendees were invited to the bar area to sample a wide range of reds, whites, sweet wines, and even some champagne.

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Simon Barrios, Supplier Marketing Specialist for Glazer’s, was the wine representative for night who curated the vast selection.

“I chose the wines to satisfy tasters of all stripes, whether they like sweet, dry, red, white, smooth, or bold wines. I prefer wines that are varietally correct, delicious and over deliver quality to cost,” Barrios said.

Kelsey’s Steak House has been working hard to create the ideal wine list.

“We’ve been tweaking our wine selection and educating our servers, and we really want to be a great place to go for wine in Valparaiso,” said Michelle Prosser, Manager at Kelsey’s. “This event is a general tasting; it’s more about the wine.”

There were 38 different wines to taste throughout the night, and something could be found for everyone to enjoy.

“I’m not a big wine drinker, but I’m here to learn and I’m finding some I like,” said Carolyn McKean, a server at Kelsey’s for 19 years. “We’re one of the few restaurants that are starting to do this; it’s really great.”

Wines were arranged at three separate tables to create a proper flow of flavors. Guests started at table one with dry whites & light reds, moved on to the bold reds, and ended with the sweet wines at table three. They were then welcomed to revisit any table again.

Live music was provided by Valpo-native band Divas’ Reign.

“Any event where people are going to enjoy music, we like to be part of,” said Drena Kukulies, vocalist for the group.

In addition to sampling all the wines, attendees could place orders for their favorites which would be delivered to Kelsey’s and available for pick up.

Hoes d'oeuvres of cheese, grapes, and more had their own table where guests could fill a plate to accompany their wine.

“I love the atmosphere at Kelsey’s, you get to meet people and the appetizers go great with the wine,” said Tammy Danford, a Valparaiso resident.

Kelsey’s Steak House expects to host more wine tastings in addition to their wine pairing events which feature a specifically designed meal to accompany the wines.

“Anytime we have an opportunity to introduce our guests to new products, we all benefit. Plus, who doesn't like to throw a party?” said Barrios.

It was indeed a party. With good food, rocking music, and wonderful hosts, the first ever Kelsey’s Steak House wine tasting was event to remember.